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Retractable Optical Wheel Mouse
  • Optical Sensing Technology
  • Retractable Design
  • Built-in Scroll Wheel
  • USB Connector
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    Optical Sensing Technology
    Scans the desktop at up to 3000 frames per second, providing one of the most accurate input devices available on the market today.
    Built-in Scroll Wheel
    Scroll up or down with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
    Retractable Design
    Perfect for the mobile warrior, our Optical Retractable Wheel mouse expands and contracts in a single motion.
    USB Connector
    USB connector provides true Plug-n-Play functionality, allowing you to Hot Swap devices easily by simply plugging them in, even while your computer is running.
    System Requirements:
    PC & MAC® Compatibles
    Windows® XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    Mac® OS 10.3 and above
    An Available USB Port
    Device Type: Mouse
    Powered by: Wire
    Satelittes: Optical
    Subwoofer: 800
    Watts: Purple
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      Retractable Optical Wheel Mouse
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