All You Need To Know About Bunker Chest Locations In Fortnite

bunker chest locations

Fortnite sure is one of the most interesting, exciting, and engaging games, which explains the hype all around the globe. You being here is proof that you are a die-hard fan of Fortnite and cannot go a day without playing at least one session.

The obsession is justified, and to make the game even more interesting for you, today we are going to talk about bunker chest locations.

What Are Bunker Chests?

With each season, Fortnite comes with new loot or, in other words, chests that have some exciting material and high-powered weapons that can come in handy to the players. Especially when it comes to bunker chests, you should know that they are far better than Mystic Chests or Supply Drops. These chests have at least one legendary weapon that can assist you in winning the game.

The main challenge here is finding these bunker chests, which is a little difficult because these chests aren’t visible to the naked eye. In fact, sometimes they aren’t even visible, and the players literally have to dig a little to find them.

Where Are All The Bunker Chests In Fortnite?

 Just like all other Fortnite geeks, if you are also in search of a proper map that can lead you to the bunker chest locations, then you are at the right place today. Here are some of the main locations where you might get lucky:

1. Stealthy Stronghold

You have to head to the South of the field in this area, and there you’ll find the bunker chest buried. You can locate the field on the top of a small hill.

2. Pleasant Park

This is another location where you can find the chest in the house that has a storm shelter on the southeast corner of the POI.

3. Pristine Point

Head to the west of the landmark, and there you’ll find the chest inside an attic.

4. Shark Island

Head to the northwest corner of the island and look for a tower. You’ll find the loot chest inside the tower at the bottom base level.

5. Steamy Stacks

The Steamy Stacks sure is one big area, but when you head there, you have to look for a building that’s almost half covered with sand. You can easily find the bunker chest at the bottom base of the building. Right at this location, if you head to the shoreline, you can find another bunker chest under a pile of sand. Here you have to use your pickaxe or any other weapon to dig the spot first.

6. Retail Row

Here you can find two bunker chests. One will be somewhere on the flower fields, and the second one can be found in the house.

7. Weeping Woods

Head to the northern area of this POI and then look for a house. You’ll find the chest right next to the control panel inside the house.

8. Slurpy Swamps

Here you can easily find the chest right below the POI. Try and look for a trailer park around when heading to the southeastern corner. You’ll find shacks waiting inside with bunker chests.

9. Craggy Cliffs

Head to the west of the POI and then look for a red roof house. Here, you’ll be able to find the bunker chest under some stairs.

10. Misty Meadows

Next to a flower field, you have to look for a huge house. It’s better to head to the Misty Meadows’s southwest side to locate the bunker chests.

Finding The Legendary Chest Fortnite

finding the legendary chest fortnite

Above, we’ve mentioned some bunker chest locations, but you must know that the spawn rate of these chests is completely random for every session. In other words, if you head to the above locations, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the bunker chests there. These locations are just some indicators where bunker chests have appeared in the past. So it’s a 50-50 situation here.

The best solution here is to start with the Retail Row because the chances of finding bunker chests here are higher than any other location. Also, when you start with a legendary weapon, the entire game becomes easier as the weapon can assist you in taking down the enemies. In a nutshell, the sooner you find the chests, the better it’ll be for you.

Getting Into The Bunker Chests

To get inside the bunker chests, you first have to dig them up. Some chests are just right there in the space, all open, but some of them need to be evacuated. To do this, you have to hit the ground where the chest is located with your harvesting tool and then keep doing it until you bring the chest to the surface.


This is all that you need to know about bunker chest locations and how to open them. If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while now, you probably already know how important the loot is. Especially when it comes to the bunker chests, you sure can expect to get the kind of loot that’ll help you find your enemies easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bunker Chests Always Spawn?

No, the bunker chests do not consistently spawn in the same locations. As compared to the rare chests, it’s a little difficult to find the bunker chests, and sometimes, you even have to do some digging to locate them.

What Do Bunker Chests Give You?

Bunker chests contain all rare, legendary, and epic weapons along with healing items, new materials, and even some consumables.

Is 100% Chest Spawn Back In Fortnite?

No, Epic Games removed the 100% chest spawn from Fortnite, and it was a little upsetting for the players, but the cause behind it is still not known.

What Are The Blue Chests In Fortnite?

The blue chests in Fortnite are also known as the Cosmic Chests. You can find them within matches only in Season 7.

Where Are The Most Chests In Fortnite?

You can find most chests in attics, houses, and even ground floors. Some chests are visible, and for some, you have to do some digging first.

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