Ultimate Guide On How To Destroy Shrubs In Fortnite

destroy shrubs fortnite

Without a doubt, Epic Games never fails to impress the gaming geeks out there with new and innovative Fortnite seasons. Especially when it comes to season 6 and season 7, you’ll absolutely love the whole destroy shrubs Fortnite challenge. The players basically have to locate the hidden shrubs and then destroy them. Upon completing the challenge, you can gain 62500 XP, making things even more interesting.

Today, we will talk all about how to locate and destroy these shrubs so that you can make the most out of your Fortnite sessions.

What Are Shrubs, And Where Can You Find Them?

When playing Fortnite, you’ll come across several different medium-sized balls of leaves that players often overlook as they appear to like some random bushes. However, if you pay proper attention, you’ll see that some of these aren’t bushes, but they are hidden shrubs that need to be destroyed so that you can gain points.

These shrubs are usually located at notable spots like Holly Hedges and Retail Row. If you want to find these shrubs, all you have to do is look around for spherical bushes with pink flowers or ferns and sometimes cactus plants.

The Retail Row and Pleasant Row are two of the most important places where you can easily destroy around 100 shrubs. These shrubs are hidden since the bushes are scattered, so if you want to locate them, you should go and search from house to house.

You should also start collecting ignite structures and literature samples in the Retail Row to boost your XP levels. The most important thing to know is that you can only destroy these shrubs using a harvest tool swing. Fortnite makes things more interesting with five tiers to this challenge;

  • Destroy 25 shrubs
  • Destroy 50 shrubs
  • Destroy 100 shrubs
  • Destroy 250 shrubs
  • Destroy 500 shrubs

Now with each tier completed, you get 12500 XP, and when you are done with the entire task, you get a total of 62500 XP.

Where To Find Shrubs In Fortnite Season 7

Just like in season 6, there are shrubs in season 7, too, and you have to destroy them too in order to boost your XP. Not just this, but there are other weekly challenges in this season too that can help you progress through the Battle Pass and the Battle Star currency system. With these challenges, you’ll be able to unlock different cosmetics like Superman’s skin.

However, when it comes to destroying shrubs, you’ll have more fun because it’s quite an interesting part of the game. You just have to locate the shrubs and then destroy them, and upon completing the challenge, you’ll gain XP.

In the first week of Fortnite season 7, you’ll come across a character named Abstrakt, who will assign you the task of destroying 25 shrubs. You can easily find them around in grassy areas. Upon destroying 25 shrubs, you’ll gain 12,000 XP. When you arrive at the Fortnite shrub locations, you have to destroy them immediately, and it’s quite an easy task especially if you don’t face any tough challenges from your opponents.


Now that you know about the destroyed shrub’s Fortnite challenge and how to complete it, it’ll be easier for you to complete these rare tasks and boost your XP. The most important thing to complete this task is to focus on the grassy areas around you. When you find a spherical-shaped bush with pink flowers or ferns, destroy them right away and see how your XP increases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Beat Fortnite Destroy Shrubs?

You can destroy the shrubs using your pickaxe or your weapon right when you arrive at the location of the shrub. As long as you don’t face any tough opposition from the other players, this task won’t be difficult for you.

What Do Shrubs Look Like?

Shrubs are like small or medium-sized plants that are smaller than trees but larger than flowers. When you find such a bush with pink flowers or ferns, that’s when you’ve located a shrub.

Where Are A Lot Of Shrubs In Fortnite?

You can find shrubs at Retail Row or Holly Hedges. You have to use your pickaxe to destroy them.

How Many Shrubs Do I Need To Destroy In Fortnite?

If you manage to destroy all 25 shrubs in Fortnite, you’ll get 12,000 XP.

What Shrubs Do You Have To Destroy In Fortnite?

For the challenge, you can destroy two kinds of shrubs; rose bushes or small leafy ones with large leaves. You can easily find them both at Retail Row or Pleasant Park.

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