Do Fortnite Copy Apex?– Find Complete Story Here!

did fortnite copy apex

Did Fortnite copy Apex? The release of Fortnite Chapter 2 brought some suspicions over Fortnite and the developers of the game. Despite having a lot of hard work that brought them to introduce stunning new features yet they have to face criticism over copying some content ideas from Apex Legends. The brand war begins on distinct features of loot vaults, sliding movements, Tier 100 skins introduced in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Let’s uncover the story behind copied features and Apex Legend’s fans’ reaction to it.

Apex Legends Alleged Fortnite For Copying The Content Ideas!

While talking about did Fortnite copy Apex? We have broken down allegations that pro Apex gamers have accused of Fortnite. Find them all below.

The Alleged Of Copying Loot Vaults Concept In Fortnite

The feature Loot Vaults have been part of Apex Legends since 2019. However, the feature comes with next-level weapons and a shield to safeguard players. It is said that Fortnite has copied the same concept of loot vaults in season 2 of the game. That further ensures that the players would now be able to dispense with an NPC to get a keycard that awards them admittance to the vault. This has prompted a “copycat” rumor across the social media platforms with Apex fans making jokes to Fortnite’s detriment and the genuine chance that some intentional replication could be happening at Epic Games HQ…

Fortnite Copied “Surveillance Expert” Crypto From Apex

The Tier 100 skin of the Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite Battle Pass is designated “Midas”, and flaunts diverse outfit changes depending on which group you pick Shadow or Ghost, and looks similar to “Observation Expert” Crypto from Apex Legends. From the blur hairstyle to the neck tattoos, to a picture of him holding a gadget basically the same as Crypto’s robot screen, everything appears to be fairly dubious.

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Fortnite Relevancy With Respawn Entertainment

This isn’t whenever Fortnite first has been blamed for duplicating Respawn Entertainments’ concept. The ping framework (utilised for non-verbal correspondence in matches) and Respawn vans likewise showed up in the Fortnite world, with tentatively speedy impact.

Fortnite Copied Sliding Movement From Apex Legends

Just like Valorant tried to copy content from Fortnite a few months back, now it has been observed that Fortnite have started copying content ideas from Apex Legends. Among them the sliding movement has become a widely debated feature while talking about critics. Although some of them believe that it is quite disappointing when games like Fortnite try to copy others.

It doesn’t end here! The sliding movement has been observed in Destiny 2, Warframe, Warzone, as well as Titanfall 2 which means that this idea is not something that was only inspired by the Apex Legends. Besides this, Fortnite movement doesn’t come with any precise animation which means that it would be a bit difficult to accuse the developers of Fortnite for ripping off Apex Legends.

Ping System In Fortnite Copied From Apex Legends

The Ping system was first introduced by the Apex Legends in their game. The purpose behind the ping system was to mark position in order to alert your teammates against enemies. Although the ping system proved itself quite a useful feature that brought the new thrill while playing the game.

Epic Games has introduced the same concept in their game but with more enhanced and smart features. However, the fans of Apex Legends accused Fortnite for incorporating that idea.

Fortnite Copied Slip Streams From The Apex Legends

These slipstreams used to work like a vacuum Cleaner. The significant outsources present in the guide had 4 vertical slipstreams that could ship the player up through a vacuum cylinder to a high height. Players could then skim off to their next objective without taking part in battles on the ground.

Numerous players had seen the closeness among this and the inflatable element in Apex. The Giant sight-seeing balloons observed the whole way across the King’s Canyon map used to permit players to zipline ready and afterward float off to their objective.

Fortnite’s Luxe Skin Is Inspired From Apex Legends

The Tier 100 Luxe skin had disappointed players generally since they expected somewhat more in the wake of crushing all that far. What truly disappointed the community was that it was quite similar to the agent lifeline. Presently, this was a really intriguing disclosure since Fortnite dispatched the Luxe skin soon after the arrival of Apex Legends.

Fortnite Copied Trio Game Mode From Apex Legends

The claim of copying trio game mode from Apex Legends doesn’t sound appropriate! This is because Fortnite had always had solos, duos and squad modes since the very beginning of its inception. Although the game presented the trio game mode as an LTM nearly when Apex Legends was introduced. But some of you have a misconception that trio was the mode available in Apex legends at the time.

Fortnite Copied Reboot Van From Apex Legends

However many out of us have agreed that Fortnite copied the Reboot Van feature from the Apex Legends. The feature in Apex allows the player to gather the dead teammate’s banner. In this way, they can bring them to the Respawn Beacon in order to make them alive one more time. Now that mobile Respawn Beacon can also be played using all other modes.

Wrap Up

There have been many other aspects that might seem copied from other contemporary games. But we have mentioned some amazing facts to uncover that seem copied. If you want us to cover something that we haven’t covered yet then let us know in the comment section right below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Fortnite copy?

This is somehow a valid argument that Fortnite is a type of copied version just like PUBG, H1Z1, and Rules of Survival. What separates them from each other is nothing but having altered maps, building and infrastructure that distinguishes them from one another.

Did Fortnite copy code?

It is not copying code, it’s basically called contending. It’s a game mode, not an entire game. This single game mode is superior to the entire round of Fortnite.

What did Fortnite copy from Apex Legends?

Fortnite has copied some of its features from Apex Legends. These features are,

  • Ping System
  • Slip Streams
  • Luxe Skin
  • Reboot Van
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