12 of the Best Fortnite Animal Skins

fortnite animal skins

Fortnite is a game where you can represent your love of animals by sporting their skins. In the last few seasons, Epic Games has released numerous Fortnite animal skins for players. You can even try custom-made outfits for specific types and breeds in the game too.

The Fortnite skin collection is stocked with a variety of animals like fish and Fortnite furry skins, like dogs and more. You may not be able to access them all at once since the in-game shop has rotating daily sales that make some skins available for purchase only once per day or week depending on when they go live.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Best Fortnite Animal Skins

Chomp Sr.

chomp sr.

With Chapter Two, season three of the game Epic added sharks to make open waters slightly dangerous. Depending on the current season there may still be some parts of the map with Chomp Sr skin and you can blend in as there’s only a slight chance that you will encounter them at all while out exploring.

This skin of the man in a shark costume with flippers is sure to make you stand out at your next swim meet. Scaring people swimming by might be worth something, but most players’ first instinct will probably be shooting up these scaly creatures!



The little chicken seems to be in such a hurry that it still has some eggshells on its body. The military dog tags complete the look and add some bravery into Cluck! Cluck will be a globally re-releasing skin in season six of Fortnite, but players can’t get their hands on it again. This is similar to how Epic releases different takes on old skins like Meowscles and Kit with new updates for them throughout the year.

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Cuddle Team Leader

cuddle team leader

Cuddle Team Leader is one of the most iconic skins in Fortnite. There have been multiple iterations, including mecha and panda versions that are just as popular. Cuddle Team Leader is a 2000 V-Buck skin that often comes back in the shop during Valentine’s Day events.



The Dire skin is the perfect addition to any Teen Wolf fan’s collection, but it won’t be available since this came from a part of season six battle pass. It features six styles and transforms you into an actual werewolf starting at tier three!



Doggo may be the best-looking dog in Fortnite, and its 1,500 V-Buck price tag says it’s not just a pet. The base version of Doggo rocks an easy hoodie while there are also Christmas-themed ones with police accents for those who want something more festive.



The newer and cheaper skin of this year’s Easter event, Dutch might be a scary-looking bunny but don’t worry because he can help you show your business. This rabbit was released in 2021 with an asking price of 1k V Bucks. Dutch also comes in four additional styles, which change the fur and suit colors.



Fennix, a new and cost-effective Loadingicable hero for 1250 V-Bucks was just released in 2019. This character is easily available to purchase at any time!



The most popular animal-themed skin in Fortnite is Fishstick. There are countless versions of this character, ranging from a frozen one to an undercover spy with the alias “Fish”. The original version was introduced back when it first came out and cost players 1,200 V Bucks each; however, between all these other variants you may run into him often if you’re lucky enough – especially during special occasions like Halloween or Christmas.



The forgetful fish are often called upon to undertake many journeys.

The fourth season of the battle pass is required to unlock Leviathan. You can’t buy it from a store yet, but if you win enough matches in Season 4, they will add this behemoth as part one when it’s released later next year!



Lynx is a mecha cat with no fur, but she has the body of an African feline. Her armor gives off that Black Panther vibe and you’ll need to unlock all Lynx’s styles if you’re looking for her tail too. Lynx is a wild cat that was added to the game during season seven. It’s one of those rare skins you can get through Merits, but they usually don’t come back again so keep your eyes peeled.

Polar Patroller

polar patroller

The Polar Patroller is a heavily armed and battle-tested polar bear with enough ammunition to take down an army. This skin released in 2019 has a price tag of 1,500 V-Bucks.



Jonesy made a return in Fortnite around 2018 with the release of Rex. With his trademark costume on full display, this iconic skin is one that can be found quite frequently at 2k V-Bucks per piece or 4K if you want both pieces together! You also receive Scaly as an accessory to complete your look which looks amazing worn by any player who purchases it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Fortnite animal skins cost?

You can buy animal skins for anywhere between 100 to 1,500 V-Bucks.

Are Fortnite animal skins worth it?

Yes, definitely. Most people consider them to be a nice extra for spending their hard-earned money on.

Where can I buy Fortnite animal skins?

You can find them in the Battle Royale Shop and also in the Item Shop.

What are Fortnite animal skins used for?

Fortnite furry skins can be used to customize your avatar and outfit.


The Fortnite animal skins are some of the most popular items in the game, and although the chances of receiving them as rewards for completing certain challenges are low, you never know what will happen. If you want to buy these skins and have them waiting for you when you log into Fortnite, make sure to check out the list above and see if they’re available for purchase.

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