Fortnite Arena Divisions & Mode Explained [Simplified Guide 2022]

fortnite arena divisions

Let’s break it down: you’re wondering what Fortnite Arena Divisions are and how they work. Ever since its inception, the Arena Fortnite mode has been confusing to understand.

But worry not, this guide will walk you through a detailed explanation of Fortnite Arena mode, Arena divisions & leagues.

That said, let’s dive in.

What is Fortnite Arena Mode?

Fortnite Arena Mode is a long-awaited game mode that is designed as a ranked-esque mode. It introduces a unique way for players to compete and show off their incredible skills.

But, when did Arena come out in Fortnite?

The mode came out back in 2019 with a range of unique properties. Ever since its inception, each season brings minor adjustments in Fortnite Arena mode.

Fortnite Arena Mode introduced new game methodologies like:

  • Solo
  • Duos
  • Trios

In this mind, each player comes with a rank which is represented by their division. Aside from that, what’s exciting about Fortnite Arena Mode is that it is always enabled for players.

So, unlike events that are not available for everyone to play, anyone including you can hop into Fortnite arena mode.

In-Game Description of Fortnite Arena Mode
in game description of fortnite arena mode

Below is the in-game description of Arena mode, Fortnite:

“Prove your skill in this competitive mode! During each match, you’ll earn Hype by either achieving high placements or eliminating opponents. As you gain Hype, you’ll compete against tougher opponents with similar skill level.”

Chance to Unlock Events & Tournaments
chance to unlock events & tournaments

One of the main aspects of Fortnite Arena mode is that unlocking events.

Grinding in the Arena mode helps to save your spot and get into tournaments where you can compete with other competent players and win prizes. These events include:

  • Weekly Cash Cups
  • FNCS
  • Fortnite World Cup qualifiers

So, if you’re into building a career in Fortnite and being one of the Fortnite pro players, Arena modes are definitely worth investing your time in.

Skill-Based Matchmaking in Arena Mode

Another important feature of Arena mode is that there is skill-based matchmaking. In other words, the game mode matches you up with competitive skills. It makes Arena mode a great way to test your Fortnite skills.

How this mode determines a player’s capabilities is the player’s overall ratings, Division, and Hype points. So, if you’re looking forward to proving yourself by matching with the players that have the same level of skills as you, Fortnite’s arena mode is the way to go.

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Division Bus Fares in Fortnite Arena Mode
division bus fares in fortnite arena mode

Competing in Fortnite Arena Mode requires you to pay a bus fare. It’s equivalent to the number of Hype Points you need to start a match in Arena mode.

This way, if you start a match by paying the bus fare but are unable to score that many points in the match, you might lose Hype points equal to the bus fare.

Below are the bus fares for different Divisions in Solo and Trios:

Division Bus Fare
Open I No bus fare
Open II No bus fare
Open III No bus fare
Open IV -10
Contender I -20
Contender II -30
Contender III -40
Champion I -60
Champion II -60
Champion III -70

Arena Divisions and Leagues

Arena mode has over 10 divisions in total. The divisions are divided into 3 leagues: Open, Contender, and Champion League.

To back up:

10 divisions >> divided into >> 3 leagues

Below is the arrangement of these divisions according to leagues:

  • Divisions One to Four – Open League.
  • Divisions Four to Seven – Contender League.
  • Divisions Eight to 10 – Champion League.

Note that players of all divisions can get Hype points. How many Hype points they get depends upon the number of eliminations they get. Other than that, their placements in matches also matter.

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What is Siphon in Fortnite Arena?

The methodology of health in Fortnite Arena mode is different compared to the public matches. In Arena mode, there is a unique procedure: you get a mechanic called Siphon.

Every time you are eliminated from the match, you get a healing bonus. It promotes faster matches that also tend to be more aggressive.

Unlike public matches, the headling bonus in Fortnite Arena Mode is capped at 50 HP or shields. If you’ve got a %50+ HP, you’ll get the rest of the bonus as shields.

Why players like the Siphon concept in this model is it helps them focus more on picking up weapons rather than health items. At the same time, it also brings some difficulties for you as the player you’ve just killed could come back for revenge.

Fortnite Arena Ranking Table

Below is the ranking table that illustrates the Hype points with respect to Division and League:

League Division Hype Points


1 0 – 249
2 250 – 499
3 500 – 999
4 1,000 – 1,499


5 1,500 – 2,499
6 2,500 – 3,999
7 4,000 – 5,999


8 6,000 – 11,999
9 12,000 – 15,999
10 16,000 +

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most-searched questions regarding Fortnite Arena mode & divisions.

When did Arena come out in Fortnite?

The Arena mode in Fortnite came out back in 2019. The mode was long-awaited back in the day as it was to introduce a new way players could compete. It’s designed for players who want to prove their skills by competing with players that have a similar skill level.

What level is Fortnite for Arena?

In order to take part in the Arena mode, it’s essential to have a minimum of 15th level. It’s important as the 15th level shows that you’re somewhat experienced in the game and have some know-how of how things work. It helps to make sure all players are skillful.

How do you get Arena points?

To get Arena points in Fortnite, you must be within 150 of what your team’s rating is. Moreover, you must have a minimum of 10 played games along with participation in a minimum of 30% of games of your team in the previous week.

How can I play arena without Level 15?

Are you not at the 15th level yet? If so, you’ll need to get more XP to be eligible for an Arena match. Completing a few challenges is all it will take to get there. This is because you can get up to 40,000 XP per challenge.

Key Takeaways

  • Fortnite Arena is a unique game mode that was introduced in Fortnite back in 2019.
  • The Arena mode is designed for players who want to prove their exceptional skills.
  • The Arena mode matches up players with the same skill levels.
  • The skills of players are determined by the leagues and divisions they belong to.
  • There are 3 leagues in total, divided into 10 Fortnite Arena divisions.
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