Fortnite Level XP Chart Listed And How Can You Get High Fortnite XP

fortnite level xp chart

The gamers are always eager to level up their battle pass. By leveling up the battle pass they can unlock numerous amenities such as new skins, tools, guns, and much more. Also, the gamers can make up for the V-Buck investment. If you are a Fortnite game freak then you must be aware of the Fortnite level XP chart; the “XP” which is also referred to as “Season XP” is used to increase the Battle Royale Season Level in Fortnite: Battle Royale for which all gamers are eager to increase.

Here in this article, you would have a closer look at the Fortnite level XP chart, how to get high XP, how to maximize your XP gain in Fortnite, and more.

Let’s begin with how to get high XP…

[Method] How Can You Get High Fortnite XP

The high Fortnite XP depends upon the 5 factors, which are as follows

  1. Survival time: the relation of XPs and survival time are directly proportional to each other. The longer you survive the more XP you will get.
  2. Rank or Placement: this is one of the obvious factors for gaining high XP because if you end up at a higher rank then you will get more XP.
  3. Kills: another most important factor is how many kills you do. Because the more kills the more XP for you, also, for one kill you get 10 XP and at a first kill you get 50 XP as a reward.
  4. Victory Royale: a huge chunk of XP you get after earning the first place
  5. Battle Pass Bonus: it’s the bonus when you hit several Battle Pass tiers (premium) you get a permanent XP bonus for the whole season. And instantly you will get 1000 XP as a reward.

Fortnite Level XP Chart

Level XP Level XP Level XP Level XP
1 100 20 2300 39 5150 58 9700
2 200 21 2450 40 5300 59 10000
3 300 22 2600 41 5500 60 10300
4 400 23 2750 42 5700 61 10700
5 750 24 2900 43 5900 62 11100
6 850 25 3050 44 6100 63 11500
7 950 26 3200 45 6300 64 11900
8 1050 27 3350 46 6500 65 12300
9 1150 28 3500 47 6700 66 12700
10 1250 29 3650 48 6900 67 13100
11 1350 30 3800 49 7100 68 13500
12 1450 31 3950 50 7300 69 13900
13 1550 32 4100 51 7600 70 14300
14 1650 33 4250 52 7900 71 14800
15 1750 34 4400 53 8200 72 15300
16 1850 35 4550 54 8500 73 15800
17 1950 36 4700 55 8800 74 16300
18 2050 37 4850 56 9100 75 16800
19 2150 38 5000 57 9400 76 17300

[05 Ways]: How Can You Maximize Your XP Gain In Fortnite?

After looking at the Fortnite level XP chart and total XP, have a look at how can you maximize your XP gain in Fortnite, here are a few of the best reasons that can help you the most:

Do Not Miss Performing XP-Granting Actions In Matches

Each gamer has its own strategy and style of playing the game, however, some focus on kill, some on defense, and a few could not even survive. Therefore, for maximizing XP gain in Fortnite you must balance both “kill and defense”.

Try Surviving Till The End

If you cannot complete the quest by that time, it is better to survive till the end, because this way you can have more chances to gain a maximum of XP in Fortnite.

NOTE: you must always look for quest and loot because it opens up your doors for more XP.

Complete All Of Your Challenges

Every week new quests are introduced and added to the queue, however, with all weekly quests there are many event-related quests too that possess high XP.

However, completing all challenges weekly or daily does not make any difference in the long run but it surely adds charm to your XPs.

Do Not Miss Out On Buying Premium Battle Pass

Buying the royal pass at the beginning gives you an edge of accessing all cosmetics faster than anyone, also, you can save time by completing all quests.

Collect XP Coins

XP coins are hidden and are placed at every weekly challenge, you would just need to have proper research before starting the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the top FAQs that would help you in understanding Fortnite level XP chart and Fortnite XP much more easily.

How much XP do you get for winning in Fortnite?

After winning in Fortnite you will get 300 XP instantly, also, if you rank among the top 10 you will get 100 XP, and ranking in the top 20 you will get 25 XP

What gives the most XP in Fortnite?

Survival gives the most XP in Fortnite and that is 17 XP per minute, which means the longer you survive the longer you will gain XP.

How much XP does it take to get to level 100?

To get to the 100 level you must have 80,000 XP from the previous level and the total XP accumulated would be 7,570,000.

Can you get XP in Battle Lab?

Yes, you can get XP in battle labs. At times, there could be a few glitches but this is one that certainly allows the players to complete their challenges

How much XP do you get in creative season 8?

The new creative map in Fortnite offers infinite XP for Chapter 2 Season 8. In this new map, the players find 500 XP per round, 1000 XP per elimination, and 5000 XP per win.

To Summarize

Seek help from the Fortnite level XP chart and win your battles accordingly. The eagerness to gain more XP is great but do not ruin your gaming experience in it. The aforementioned ways are the best way to level up your XP, so earn up your XP and enjoy playing Fortnite.

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