All You Need To Know About Running Fornite On Chromebook

fortnite on chromebook

There was once when Chromebook only supported some Android or browser games, but now things have changed to a whole other level. Now you can easily play Fortnite on Chromebook, and for this, all the credit goes to GeForce-Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform.

To run Fortnite on your Chromebook, all you need is a fast internet connection. Not just Fornite, you can play several other such games without a hitch, and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with a step-by-step guide that’ll help you play Fortnite without any hassle. 

Guide On How Can You Get Fornite On A Chromebook

guide on how can you get fornite on a chromebook

It’s true that Epic doesn’t support Linux or Chrome OS but guess what? There are several other ways around that can help you make that happen.

Especially if you are a die-hard Fornite fan and want to know how to download Fortnite on Chromebook, then this is the step by step process that you’ll have to follow; 

Step1: Sign Up For A GeForce Now Account

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a GeForce Now account, but first, you have to decide on the type of account you want.

One of the best things about GeForce Now is that it’s free, but for that, you’ll have to be a bit patient. If it’s a busy hour and a lot of people are using this streaming service, then you’ll have to wait for your turn to use it for free.

Moreover, if you opt for the free account, you’ll only be able to play Fortnite for an hour, which is enough if you want to take a few rounds. However, if one hour isn’t enough for you, then you’ll have to pay a fee to have your own GeForce Now account. The price you have to pay for this account is justified especially if you want to play one of the most popular games, Fortnite. You can get the account for a month just for $5, and if it’s six months, you get a discounted price of $25.

It’s better to opt for the paid account because, with it, you’ll be able to play Fortnite for six hours straight without starting a new cloud gaming session. So this is the decision that you’ll have to make first, and it all depends on how bad you want to play Fortnite on Chromebook.

Step2: Adding Fortnite To Your GeForce Library

Now that you have your own GeForce Now account, things are relatively more effortless as you have to go to the web player and search for “Fortnite.”

You then have to click on the “+Library” option and add the game to your library.

Step3: Enjoy Your Fornite Session

Now that you have Fortnite in your library, click on it and then click on “Play.” You’ll have the game started in no time; it’s just that you’ll have to wait a bit for the GeForce rig until it’s available.

After a bit, you’ll be directed to the fullscreen, where you can then log into your Epic Games account and launch Fornite just like you do on your PC. 

Step4: Start The Game

You are now all set to start your session. Just keep an eye on the clock if you’ve opted for the free GeForce Now account because you get one hour of Fornite only. But if it’s a paid account, then you can play for six hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chromebooks Good For Gaming?

Well, actually, no, Chromebooks aren’t the best option when it comes to gaming. But as a lot has changed in the past few years, you can enjoy some Android or browser games on it.

Is Fortnite Experience Same On Chromebook As PC?

Yes, you get to enjoy the same experience and performance of Fornite on Chromebook just as you do on PC.

Can You Get Fornite On Chromebook?

Yes, you can get Fortnite on Chromebook, but you first need to use a GeForce Now account for that. Without the account, it won’t be possible for you to run Fortnite.

Is It Free To Play Fortnite On Chromebook?

It depends on what you want.

  • If you want an hour of Fornite, then yes, you can get that for free by using a GeForce New account.
  • If you want to play Fortnite for hours, then you’ll have to pay a fee for it.

Why Doesn’t Chromebook Support Fortnite?

Epic Games don’t support Chromebook OS and Linux, so the midway is using a GeForce Now account to play your favorite games.


This is all you need to know about how to play Fortnite on Chromebook. If you want to know how to download Fortnite on Chromebook directly, you should know that you can’t. You might be able to download it, but you won’t be able to play it because Epic Games doesn’t support Chrome OS. So the solution you have is GeForce Now. With this platform, you can quickly and seamlessly enjoy Fortnite without any complications.

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