How Many Fans Are Best for a Gaming PC?

How Many Fans Are Best for a Gaming PC

Are you building your very first gaming PC? 

One of the most important factors is how well it cools.

We spend hours playing games and don’t want our system to overheat. This is because overheating can cause plenty of problems such as wipe out your data files and can even cause physical damage to components.

HowTo build first gaming PC

With this in mind, fan situations should be something you keep an eye on.

There are many different fans available in the market, but if you’re not sure what kind fits best for your particular case or how many does it require? Then, here’s an article that will help you with figuring out what you need to do.

How Many Fans Are Best for a Gaming PC?

We recommend that for gaming systems, you should purchase cases with a minimum of 3 fans or at least slots to add them yourself. These should be available beside the fans available for power supply cooling, the CPU cooler and the GPU’s pre installed fans.

Since, that’s been answered, there must be several other questions that may come to your mind when answering how many fans does your gaming PC needs. Here are a few frequently asked questions that will provide you quick answer to all burdening questions.

Is 2 Fans Enough for Gaming?

Is 2 Fans Enough for Gaming

It depends on what type of gaming hardware or layout you are choosing. While in most cases, a single fan will suffice for most gaming setups. However, when you’re opting in to play games which will require more power consumption, your components can easily tend to heat up. When it happens, you may find two fans more beneficial in cooling your system components.

People are not quite aware of the benefits when you have installed at least one extra fan inside your computer case. They are more concerned about the increased noise levels and cost incurred rather than the cooling effect it creates.

Is 1 Fan Enough for a Gaming PC? 

Not really.

We recommend that you install at least two fans at the bare minimum. One fan for the air intake while the other to exhaust hot air from the system.

The best practice will be to install three fans at the very least as this setup will offer the best air circulation inside your gaming case. It can keep your gaming PC cooler for longer hours of playtime without overheating.

How Many Intake Fans Should a Gaming PC Have? 

Imagine a vacuum cleaner sucking up all the dust from your room. Now, imagine that it was so powerful as to be able to suck something in without even touching it – like magic! Air pressure is just like this. The air needs a way out and when there are more exhaust vents than intakes, they create negative air pressure which sucks everything into them.

So when designing your gaming PC setup, make sure that your gaming PC has more exhaust fans than intake fans as they would result in creating a proper exhaust setup. For example, if your goal is an environment with more air coming in than going out (positive pressure), then use more intake fans and one exhaust fan; however, be aware that this may cause dust particles to accumulate.

Is It Possible to Run a PC with One Case Fan?

Run a PC with One Case Fan


It is possible to run a gaming PC on one case fan, but it is not advised because when the heat generated inside your gaming system, you need to make sure that it finds a way out as well. Even though, if you’ve a fan installed on your gaming PC case to exhaust the heat build up, you may still find a problem in bringing the air in through the inlet as there won’t be any fan installed.

Do I Need Fans on Top of My PC Case?

When you’re looking for a gaming case, they usually come with some pre-installed fans. However, if yours doesn’t have any at all and you think it’s necessary to install one or more – yes! This is because the heat generated from your processor will need an easy outlet to escape from the PC case.

Fans on top of your gaming PC are even more necessary if you’re opting for a tower-style chassis as it often has an open air column that draws in hot air and releases cold air at the same time.

What Should My Gaming Computer Case Fan Setup Be?

If you have at least three fans in your gaming PC, then you can have one on the front of your case for intake and two others at the back to exhaust.

If you want a more aggressive setup where there’s an extra air-intake fan while exhausting hot air from both sides – make sure that the side with higher power consumption has an extra fan for intake.

Are Five Fans on a Gaming PC Too Much?

Are Five Fans on a Gaming PC Too Much


It is possible to have five fans at the very least in your gaming PC case for an excellent air circulation setup.

If you’re using a desktop-style chassis, then it would be recommendable that one of these fans is installed on top or on the front while having two intakes and three exhausts – all with 120mm fans.

This means that you have one fan on the top or front, two intake and three exhausts – all with 120mm fans. When you want to create a gaming PC setup for more aggressive cooling then this is where it’s best to use 140mm and/or 200mm fans in your case as they will offer more powerful airflow.

What Fans are the Best to Purchase for Gaming PCs?

There are not any specific recommendations on which fans to purchase for your gaming PC. The best thing you can do is look at the ones that come with a case and see if they’re enough, or go on the manufacturer’s website and find them there.

It all comes down to personal preference as well since some people don’t want aggressive cooling whereas others do.

So that’s just about everything you need to learn about gaming PC fans and more. Are you planning to create your very own gaming PC setup? Want to know which fans will work best for your gaming PC?

Here’s an article on just that.

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