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how many skins are in fortnite

How many skins are in Fortnite 2021? That’s the question forced you to land here, right!

Fortnite comes with unlimited skins that are paid but ensure you the ultimate satisfaction in costume and overall getup of players. Due to the demand and popularity, the epic game keeps adding and eliminating these skins from their shops. You can get access to the new skins from the Battle Pass rewards and Fortnite Crew.

Our profound publication will not just let you know the accurate numbers of skins currently available in Fortnite, but we will also share some of the most unique and widely played skins to help you find the best pick for your next game. Stick with us!

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How Many Skins Are In Fortnite?

By the end of July 2020, there have been 797 Fortnite skins accessible, including rare skins available in the store. However, epic games have carried a few updates to their game after that time, and now they have 1080 skins accessible in the game. In order to acquire these skins of your choice, you need to visit their shops, and you can also purchase their Battle Pass to have access to exclusive skins in the shop.

Fortnite Skins Categories

Fortnite skins are a sort of ensemble to make the game player look aesthetic and decent. Epic Games have recorded their skins into four distinctive categories. The costs of each category ensembles are unique in relation to others. Any player can get their favored outfits while spending some V-Bucks. It is essential to pinpoint that these skins change the outfit, and they don’t make the player capable of having any unusual features to their characters. In any case, the Fortnite players are genuinely excited for the Fortnite skins.

A player can change their standpoint with the assistance of some cool Fortnite skins. Let’s go through our rundown of the costs that you will have to pay for the skin listed in each category.

Uncommon Skins 800 V-Bucks
Rare Skins 1,200 V-Bucks
Epic Skins 1,500 V-Bucks
Legendary Skins 2,000 V-Bucks

Ways To Acquire Exclusive Fortnite Outfits

Epic Games ensures you two definitive ways to acquire Fortnite outfits.

  • The Battle Pass
  • Fortnite Crew

Fight Pass skins are awarded to those who have completed the premium Battle Pass, and they frequently visit shops in order to have matching embellishments and different styles. These skins are accessible in the Battle Pass and can’t be gotten after the season ends.

Fortnite Crew skins are not different, but players with an exclusive subscription can buy them only. On top of that, Epic Games launches exclusive bundles each month, and these bundles are not accessible apart from Fortnite Crew.

Most Popular Fortnite Skins 2021

Are you looking for a free Fortnite skin? Or are you bored with playing casual skins and now want to upgrade the ultimate look of your player with a brand new Fortnite skin? Wait a minute, we have got you covered. From new to free and the most popular, we have covered some of the best Fortnite skins for you. You can pick one that suits best with your gaming mode.

Free Fortnite Skins

Don’t you have bucks to spend on Fortnite outfits? No worries anymore; you will have unlimited free options to upgrade costumes of your choice. There are a couple of methods you may find beneficial to access free skins. You can get free Fortnite skins from

  • Winterfest
  • Tournaments
  • Battle Pass


Annually during the holiday season, or as Fortnite refers to Winterfest, free items are granted to those who log in to play once per day. Winterfest lasts for up to two weeks on average, totaling 14 entirely gifts. However, holiday themed-skins are also included that you can avail for entirely free. Among these skins are,

  • Snowmando
  • Frost squad


Fortnite also hosts tournaments accessible to all! If you manage to place yourself within a predetermined percentage among participants, then Fortnite rewards you with free cosmetic items, including skins. Among these skins are

  • Venom
  • Lachlan
  • Thanos

Battle Pass

You can redeem Fortnite skins for free after paying a small initial investment. Battle pass brings with them an abundance of new unlockable items, including skins. Each battle pass is listed for 950 V-bucks, which translates to $8. After making that payment, all the skins and cosmetics in the battle pass become free to earn.

New Fortnite Skins

Every new Fortnite season comes with a new skin to uplift your experience in gaming. It looks like that season 8 has sclera aka the skull trooper. It feels like the skin changes in all seasons to find the absolute saltiest and sweatiest covered in grease. Among the few latest skin additions in Fortnite are!

  • Harmonizer
  • Dark Phoenix
  • Siren

You can also have some hacks to acquire access to these new skins on Fortnite, and some gamers perform coding to unlock access. Besides this, it can be pretty expensive for a beginner to access newly launched skins on Fortnite.

Rare Fortnite Skins

Rare Fortnite skins are those outfits that have become unpopular and are rarely known among gamers. Although they are still available to the shop, they have lost the charm or haven’t got exposure among the players. Among them, we can take out the example of The Reaper! Now it has become a running joke after the official launch of John Wick. Such rare Fortnite skins are as follows

  • Royale Bomber
  • Black Widow
  • Honor Guard
  • Double Helix

The Most Popular Fortnite Skins – Fortnite Enthusiast Recommendation

What makes Fortnite the most impressive game on the planet? Although there are unlimited factors to talk about, their unique skins make it possible for players to return.

Fornite provides unlimited variations in outfits that will never let your stamina down. Each skin accompanies its novel style. Below we will feature some of the best skins you can get in Fortnite.

Tomato Head
tomato head

Image Credit: Fiction Horizon

What sets Tomato Head apart from the rest is its unique and funky look. You can call it the most epic skin in the Fortnite realm. Those willing to buy it can directly purchase Tomato Head from the cash store.

Astro Jack
astro jack

Image Credit: Fiction Horizon

Astro Jack is again quite possibly the most famous skin. You can purchase this outfit from the shop. If you plan to buy the astronomical bundle, then this will assist you with getting Astro Jack for your game, assuming you can’t get it from the shop because of its heavy sticker price.


Image Credit: Fiction Horizon

This uncommon fish with a legendry face is an extraordinary skin in the realm of Fortnite. It is said to have been propelled by Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball. Fritters love this skin, and that’s what makes it the best pick among others.


Image Credit: Fiction Horizon

Made for the game’s female characters, the Blaze is a refreshed skin, and you can find it in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3! It’s remembered for the Lava Series, so fire up your interactivity with this staggering skin and stand apart from the rest.

Blaze is also credited to have been one of the most seasoned Fortnite skins.


Image Credit: Fiction Horizon

The Master of Dark Skies, Fortnite, added this well-known skin Raven to its ongoing interaction with a ton of spotlight and marketing. You will want to get your hands on this skin in return for the V-Bucks. Raven has the credit of being an unbelievable outfit in Royale Battle, and nothing is equivalent to this outfit regarding looks and tones. V-bucks is a simple source to buy the Raven suit in your game. You can purchase this skin from the item shop given in the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a skin last in Fortnite? 

At the point when your skins don’t fit in Fortnite, you would now be able to return them to the Fortnite warehouse within 30. Epic Games has refreshed its return policy for players that request their V-Bucks back.

Name the most inappropriate skin in Fortnite?

Due to the massive volume of skins can be a long list of inappropriate or the most hated skins in Fortnite, but we have mentioned them below.

  • Dynamo.
  • Surf Witch.
  • Anime

How to get Fortnite skin for free?

A few skins in Fortnite can be attained for free. Hence you don’t need any V-Bucks buys or real cash. You can acquire them while playing tournaments or having them redeem for a bit of amount.

Wrap Up

We hope that our comprehensive and complete article will help you answer how many skins are in Fortnite. On top of that, our guide on skins will also help you find the best pick for your next play. If you have any queries or want us to cover something that we are missing, let us know in the comment section below.

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