How Much GPU Sag is Too Much? The Truth Revealed 2021

how much gpu sag is too much

So, you’ve recently come to know that your GPU sags and might be wondering how much GPU Sag is too much. Firstly, the reason behind GPU sags is the tall and fatty size of the GPU. Though the trio-fan and triple-slot GPUs look cool, they come with the drawback of sagging due to their hefty weight.

That said, how much GPU sag is too much? That we’ll find out today. For instance, this article will thoroughly guide you on how you can prevent GPU sag using convenient ways. We’ll also look into how much GPU sag is acceptable and when you should take action.

That said, let’s dive in.

Is GPU Sag Bad?

is gpu sag bad

To be honest, yes, GPU sag is bad. It doesn’t only ruin your PC’s internal appearance but can also cause permanent damage to your other hardware parts. However, the cases of this hardware damage are quite rare. Companies nowadays have designed GPUs in such a way that they can bear the minor sags.

In the worst-case scenario if your graphics card exceeds the extreme limit of sagging then it can cause serious damage. 

Aside from the hardware damage, another drawback of graphic card sagging is the damage to the PCI express slot on the motherboard, where the GPU is installed. There have been many cases where hefty GPUs bent the PCI express slot of the motherboard.

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So, how to make sure no damage occurs to your important hardware and PCI express slot? Below are some effective ways to get rid of GPU sag.

6 Easy Ways to Stop GPU Sag

There are many ways to prevent Graphics cards from snagging. By sparing a few minutes of your important time you can stop GPU sagging and also make your GPU look more appealing.

1. Using Household Items

support the gpu with toy blocks

There are hundreds of things you can put under the right top corner of your GPU to stop sagging. For example, the body of a pointer pen, or a piece of hard plastic pipe. These things are almost in every house. You have to measure the length between the GPU to the down surface and just cut the pie or anything you’re going to put there.

Another thing which is in almost every house is toy blocks. You can adjust these modular blocks according to the required height with a little bit of creativity and make an eye-catching stand to support your graphics card.

In an unfortunate situation, if you don’t have any toy blocks lying around you. You can also use character toys aka toy figures to support the GPU. The hard part is finding the toy of the required length to fit below the graphics card.

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2. Custom Made Solutions

If you have a custom-made build on a specific theme, you can get a 3D printed toy customized according to your built theme. All you need to do is find a design and measure the dimensions. Now you are good to go to the nearest 3D printing shop or you can also use online services to get your model at your doorstep.

3. Route PCIe Cables Upward

It’s an easy and quickest way to prevent the GPU sag. You just have to bring the power cable from above the GPU, while doing this make sure that the cable is not very loose. When the cable is enough tight then plug it into the GPU.

Now you will see that the power cables are supporting the graphics card and keeping it straight. Also, keep in mind that this is not a reliable or long-term solution (not recommended).

4. Hang it Up With a Wire

To hand your GPU up (on the case), bind one side of steel wire or a thread at the GPU power connector. Now, bind the other side to the top of your chassis. This might remove GPU sag. While doing the binding work, be careful not to bind it too tight. Otherwise, the GPU could sag upward.

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5. The Vertical Placement of GPU

place gpu vertically

In most cases, there is an additional option to mount the GPU vertically. A graphics card looks more visually appealing in the vertical position as you can see the front of the GPU right through the case (if it’s a plastic or glass case). But speaking of GPU sag, it also helps in removing the GPU sag. The only drawback is a vertically mounted GPU that covers the other slot behind it which can make your hand unreachable.

If your case doesn’t have the option of the vertical mount, it’s nothing of a problem. You can opt-in for a bracket to mount your GPU vertically. The GPU brackets are usually available on Amazon and other online stores.

6. Use a GPU Support Bracket

use gpu bracket

The use of a brace to support your GPU gives your setup more of a professional look. And these are not costly, starting from 5$. You can get a decent brace at 7$ to 10$. Such a brace will be durable enough to last years.

To be honest, this is so far the most reliable solution to stop GPU sag while keeping the setup look clean. Plus, the brackets are adjustable so they can fit any GPU in most cases. I’ve also laid down the steps to installing a GPU brace below:

How To Install A GPU Brace

Installing a GPU brace is simple and easy. Follow the steps and tips below to avoid any damage.

  1. Firstly cut the power off
  2. Carefully remove the side panel of your case
  3. Now lose the screws according to your brace requirement
  4. Put the brace at the downside of the GPU
  5. Tighten up the screws

That’s it, the sag of the GPU might have been removed. For detailed information regarding the installation of a GPU brace, go through our guide on how to install a GPU brace to fix GPU sag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Below are some answers:

Is it okay for the GPU to sag?

GPU sag is bad. It ruins the appearance of your gaming rig. On top of that, an inadequately placed GPU can also result in damage to the GPU. Plus, it also causes damage to the PCI express slot. One way or another, GPU sag is not okay. You should take immediate action to stop it.

How do I stop my GPU from sagging?

There are many ways to prevent your GPU from sagging. If you’re at home and want a quick solution, you can support the GPU with nearly anything, like a modular toy block. Alternatively, you can hang it up with a wire. The most recommended solution, however, is purchasing a GPU brace for proper GPU support.

Will the RTX 3090 sag?

Whether RTX 3090 will sag or not depends on many factors like your PC case. However, in general, it’s a terrible GPU in terms of GPU sagging. The reason is, as you guessed, the hefty weight caused by the incredible power placed inside. So, it’s recommended to get a GPU bracket along with Nvidia RTX 3090.

How to fix GPU sag for free?

If you’re disappointed in everyone’s suggestion regarding purchasing a GPU bracket and looking for a cost-effective solution, consider hanging your GPU with the PC case using a wire. It’s not that reliable but still effective. Alternatively, you can use household items like a toy block to support the GPU. But it must be of accurate dimensions to fit there. 

What can I use to hold GPU up?

The best thing you can use to make your GPU maintain its position is PCI cables. A single or double tie of PCI cable is all it will take to hold your GPU up. However, you can use a plastic strip to hold it up alternatively. Furthermore, household items like modular toy blocks are also a good way to go. 

Key Takeaways

To sum everything up, below are the pain points for “how much GPU sag is too much”:

  • GPU sagging can badly damage your GPU at a certain point. It’s recommended to find a solution for it as soon as possible.
  • The best way to overcome GPU sagging is to use a proper GPU brace. It provides great support to the graphics card and is customizable. On top of that, it is a professional and reliable solution.
  • Using household items like the body of the pointer pen to support your GPU is a good quick way to stop GPU sag as well as prevent any possible damage.
  • Alternatively, you can hang up the GPU using a wire.

That’s it. I hope this guide helped you determine how much GPU sag is too much and how it can be dangerous. I also believe that the methods I listed down to prevent GPU lag came in handy for you. Until next time, cheers!

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