How to Install OptiFine on Minecraft [The Definitive Guide 2022]

how to install optifine on minecraft

So, you’ve set your mind to install Optifine on Minecraft to enjoy the benefits like optimized performance and better visuals. But, how to install Optifine on Minecraft? That we’ll find out today.

For instance, in this guide, we’ll walk you through detailed instructions on Optifine installation as well as how you can use it.

By the way, if you’re wondering how you can make Minecraft use your dedicated GPU, read through our guide on how to force Minecraft to use GPU for detailed instructions.

With that said, let’s dive deep into the Optifine installation guide.

Note: OptiFine mod is only compatible with the Java Edition of Minecraft. So, the official OptiFine won’t work with Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

How to Install OptiFine on Minecraft Without Mods

Follow the steps below, these explain how to add OptiFine to Minecraft without mods:

  1. Open any web browser on your computer and navigate to the OptiFine downloads page.
  2. In case you’re running the latest version of Minecraft, skip this step. Otherwise, click “Show all versions” and pick the version you’re using.
    pick the version you’re using
  3. Now, click download under the version you’re using.
  4. It’ll open up a countdown in the top-right corner of the screen, we recommend skipping it.
  5. After you’re redirected to the OptiFine download page, click “download” and select where you’d like to download it on your computer.
    select where you’d like to download it on your computer
  6. If you see a warning from your computer’s end, you can disregard it fearlessly. (Why it happens is because browsers and Windows generally consider such mods as malicious files and don’t trust them).
  7. Now, open the folder where OptiFine has downloaded and double-click the executable .jar file for OptFine installation.
  8. Select the location you’d like to install it and click “Install”.
    select the location you’d like to install it and click “install
  9. Once it’s successfully installed, open the Minecraft launcher and select OptiFine in the drop-down menu which might be to the left of the “Play” button.
  10. Select “Options” from the main menu as Minecraft loads and navigate to Video Settings.
  11. If options like “Shaders,” “Details,” and “Animations” are there, it indicates the OptiFine mod has successfully been applied.
    if options

How to Install and Run OptiFine to With ‘Minecraft’ Mods

If you want to run OptiFine with Minecraft’s mods, follow the steps below to install it that way:

  1. Download OptiFine following the steps we illustrated above.
  2. Make sure you have Minecraft Forge too, download it otherwise.
  3. Now, open the Minecraft launcher you’re using.
  4. Select “forge” in the drop-down menu near the green play button and click “Play.”
  5. Click the “Mods” folder you see in the Minecraft main menu and then select “Open mods folder.” It will automatically open up the Forge’s mode folder.
    it will automatically open up the forge’s mode folder
  6. Head over to the folder you downloaded the OptiFine file and drop the .jar OptiFine file into this Mods folder.
  7. Now, quit Minecraft back and relaunch it. Make sure to run the Forge installation version.
  8. What indicates whether OptiFine has been incorporated or not is the message “Found 2 mod files to load” on the loading screen.
  9. Lastly, head over to Video Settings and look out for additional options like “Shaders,” “Details,” and “Animations,” to ensure OptiFine is installed.

What You Should Know About OptiFine

  • OptiFine can be officially downloaded for free from their official website.
  • You can use OptiFine regardless of whether you use Minecraft Forge or not.
  • OptiFine is designed for better Minecraft performance.
  • OptiFine also lets you twinkle advanced graphics settings that weren’t available before.
  • OptiFine is one of the best optimizers for “Minecraft: Java Edition” and is a suitable option for computers with fewer hardware resources (especially RAM and GPU).
  • Installing & incorporating OptiFine also gives you access to new texture packs and HD shaders.

How to Use OptiFine — Starter’s Guide

OptiFine tends to be a great improvement to the Minecraft game and brings in a lot of additional options. For an average user, this display of plenty of additional options can make things confusing. We’ve explained some basics below for your convenience.

Using OptiFine zoom

If you’re a Minecraft player, you probably know that trying to zoom in while playing the game can be risky and could cost you a life (in the game, of course).

One of the most significant additions of OptiFine is that it lets you zoom in automatically even when playing. The best part is, you don’t have to risk your life.

Now, how to use OptiFine zoom?

Well, simply use the key C or the left Ctrl key to zoom.

Playing With Shader Packs

Shader packs of OptiFine extensively improve the shared effects in the game. The lighting becomes better and seems to be based on Physics more.

playing with shader packs

If you’re someone into graphics-intensive games or have a close eye for detail, these seemingly small lighting details will be a huge change.

Follow the steps below to add shared packs in Minecraft with OptiFine:

  1. Launch Minecraft and select “Options”.
  2. Navigate to “Video Settings” and then go into “Shaders”.
  3. Click “Shaders Folder” at the bottom of the shaders menu.
  4. Move the downloaded pack to the folder that opens up on your computer.
  5. Lastly, relaunch Minecraft for the settings to take effect and start enjoying!

Obtaining a Better FPS (Smoother Gameplay)

If you want to enjoy a smoother Minecraft gameplay, you’ll be glad to know that it is one of the core purposes of OptiFine.

When you go to the Video Settings in Minecraft with OptiFine Incorporated, you’ll see a list of additional options that weren’t there before. You can hover your mouse cursor over each to see what they mean.

obtaining a better fps

To give you an idea, OptiFine will give you tips on twinkling the video settings for improved performance depending upon your system hardware.

Though OptiFine is not 100% accurate, trying its different suggestions will eventually help you achieve better FPS playing Fortnite.

Below is a quick tip for an FPS boost:

  • Choose “All OFF” for “Animation Settings” on your Minecraft — it might affect the overall visuals but you can manually adjust each option as you desire.
    as you desire

Here is how you can check FPS in Fortnite to determine what sort of performance you’re getting:

  • Hit “F3” if you’re using “PC”
  • Use the shortcut “fn + F3” if you’re on “Mac”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequent queries on how to install OptiFine:

How do I install OptiFine for Java?

Follow the steps below to install OptiFine for Java:

  1. Head over to the Java SE 16 download page
  2. Download the installer for your operating system
  3. Make sure you download the file labelled installer
  4. Run the downloaded installer & follow the instructions
  5. That’s it, you can install OptiFine with Java that way.

How do I install Java on Mac?

Follow the steps below to install Java on Mac:

  1. Download the “JRE-8u65-macosx-x64” file.
  2. Now, double-click the .pkg file to open it.
  3. Once opened, double-click on the package icon to launch install Wizard.
  4. The Install Wizard might show the Welcome to Java installation screen.
  5. Select the desired programs and click “Next.”
  6. Once the installation completes, click close to finish the installation.

Can you get shaders on Mac?

You can get shaders on Mac but not that the OptiFine shaders for Minecraft are only compatible with the Java Edition of Minecraft. So, if you’re running this version of Minecraft, you can definitely get shaders on your Minecraft, on Mac.

Key Takeaways

Below are some key answers for “how to install OptiFine on Minecraft.”

  • The first step towards installing OptiFine on Minecraft is to download it from their official website (for free).
  • Once it has been downloaded, the further steps differ regarding whether you want to install and run OptiFine with mods or without mods.
  • Anyway, you should know that OptiFine is only compatible with the Java Edition of Minecraft.
  • OptiFine offers advanced graphics settings and options that you can use to improve overall visuals as well as optimize the game for FPS.
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