5 Easy Steps to split screen of Fortnite on Xbox

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How to split screen on Fortnite Xbox?

Ever wonder, what if we share our gaming device’s screen with our friends and family member(s)? Imagine the experience of playing your favorite game with a divided screen? Looking exciting, isn’t it? If Yes, follow our below easy steps for splitting your screen of Fortnite on Xbox with your partner.

By following our guide below, you will be able to share the screen of this game on Xbox. In this blog post, we’ll cover the guide to dividing the screen of Fortnite on the Xbox gaming console.

The users and players of Fortnite always wanted the split-screen function on their gaming consoles. Besides this, it is very helpful without any doubt. Unfortunately, this function is only available for limited gaming medium(s). Hence, some of the platforms don’t support the two-screen availability for Fortnite.

The process of Fortnite’s split screen is very easy on Xbox consoles. Even a newbie can split the screen and play with his/her partner. Interestingly, you don’t need to be logged in to the Xbox Live Gold subscription on both accounts for this purpose. This means, from a simple account one can easily split the screen.

We have divided the process into 5 steps for your convenience. So, let’s dive into the given steps.

Step 1: You should have two controllers and accounts

It is quite obvious that you must have two controllers and also two accounts in order to split the screen on Xbox. Hence, you can’t share your controllers in this case. Simply, you have to make sure to Fortnite that you both are the different players and your accounts and controllers must be separate.

Just a reminder, in this regard, the guest accounts do not work properly. Therefore, you need a proper Xbox account alongside your email address and password.

Step 2: Start Fortnite

As we mentioned above, the Fortnite split-screen is limited to two modes i.e. Duos and Squads. That’s why you must be signed in one of those game modes.

Step 3: Navigate to the Main Menu

After starting the game, you can easily go to the lobby. From the lobby, you can go to the main menu for selecting the mode of the game.

Step 4: Turn on the second controller

If one player has selected one of the mentioned modes then the other player needs to turn on his/her Xbox controller and sign up with a separate account. Once all of the procedure is done, the second player should pair his gaming console.

After this, you will see the option on the bottom of the screen, which has the words that say “hold the Y button” for “[P2] LOG IN”. You can log in with your account and the device will give you several account options. It can also give you the option of accounts to sign in if you are not logged in already.

Step 5: Let’s Play!

If you have followed the above steps, then you are ready to play this game with your buddy. In this stage, you can jump to the land alongside your partner to your marked/desired location. Moreover, almost all the settings are similar to solo playing.

After following all our steps, you will sign in to your Xbox account, then the second player will appear in the lobby itself and the settings of split-screen will automatically “turn on” on your consoles.

What are the limitations of Split-Screen Fortnite?

As of now, you all know about the steps to split-screen of Fortnite on Xbox while following our above guide. Hence, there are some restrictions as well. In the below points, we are going to figure out two major limitations while sharing the screen of the game on a gaming device.

Let’s dive into the limitations.

  1. The availability of the split-screen of Fortnite is found on only two gaming devices. These gaming consoles include Xbox and PlayStation. Thus, this feature isn’t available on the gaming platforms which include PC, Android or iOS (smartphone devices), and Nintendo Switch.
  2. While in the case of different modes of this BR game, the setting is also not supported. The game modes which can support the screen option include Fortnite: Battle Royale Duos and Squads. Furthermore, the cross-play between the consoles will also be able to split-screen the game. Notably, Fortnite: Creative, Limited Time Modes, Save the World or Solos do not have the option of the diving screen.

Tips for playing on split-screen: Things to remember while sharing screen on Xbox

Before going to split-screen with your gaming partner, it is necessary to keep some things in mind. In simple words, you have to follow some tips and guidance. These tips are as below:

  1. There must be a stable internet connection on both of your consoles.
  2. You must have a good, new, or well-maintained Xbox console to share the gaming device with each other.
  3. To recall, the availability of split-screen will only function while in a game/match.
  4. For instance, if one player while playing in an existing match/game disconnects or exits, the split-screen function will end on both of the devices.
  5. You both of you must have the same language settings to play the game without any delay. Since multi-language support for split-screen isn’t available at the time of writing.
  6. Last but not the least, this feature doesn’t allow you to share the inventory of the game. Besides this, the lobby and all the sub-menus are also not shared while in a running match.

Final Words

The split-screen on Fortnite is an excellent addition to the game if you want to play with your gaming partner(s). The function is only available for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but we are pretty much sure that the settings will appear for other gaming platforms in the near future.

The addition of a split-screen on Fortnite Xbox isn’t rocket science. Therefore, you can easily do this process just by following our above 5 steps.

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