Is 4GB GPU Enough For Gaming? Expert Gamer’s Analysis

is 4gb gpu enough for gaming

There is no clear-cut answer to how much VRAM you need because games and graphic cards constantly evolve. Some games are going to need more VRAM; some will need less.

Recently AMD shared a graphic representation while answering the question, “Is 4GB GPU enough for gaming?” They claimed to obsolete 4GB of GPU VRAM because of its bad performance in modern games.

However, it truly depends on the game you are playing.

How Much VRAM Do I Need?

The more VRAM you have, the quicker your GPU will access the information and send it to the monitor in a good quality frame. However, VRAM depends on various factors, and one of the most important factors is Monitor Resolution.

The more the resolution is, the more VRAM is required. Here’s the general overview of required VRAM at different resolutions,

  • At 720p, 2GB of GPU VRAM is required.
  • At 1080p, 4-6GB of GPU VRAM is required.
  • At 1440p, 6-8GB of GPU VRAM is required.
  • At 4K, 8GB+ of GPU VRAM is required.

Moreover, the type of game you are playing and the setting you are playing also require attention. For example, here is a graphical representation of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

assassin’s creed odyssey

However, In one of JayzTwoCents videos, he said that when it comes to “How much VRAM is enough?” It’s not just about the size but also the speed. Imagine VRAM as a container with an opening at the top then; the performance will depend on two factors; the width of the container and at what speed information can get in and out of the container.


He also said that 8Gb of VRAM is truly a sweet spot, but one of the things you can keep in mind is that the amount of RAM on a graphic card today is more about future compatibility.

For Example; When the GTX 680 came out, it had only 2GB of VRAM, which was plenty at that time, but as games have gotten more detailed, more VRAM has become required to hold higher quality texture.

While deciding the right amount of VRAM for yourself, you must focus on these major factors.

Factors Impact VRAM The Most

factors impact vram the most

These are the factors you need to focus on before making any decision. Because the way you are using your PC will tell you the right amount of VRAM you need.

How Monitor Resolution Utilize VRAM

Monitor resolution is directly proportional to the usage of VRAM. The higher the monitor resolution is, the more VRAM will be used.

A single frame of 2560 x 1440 (1440P) will take more space than a single frame of 1920 x 1080 (1080P). Therefore, the game with a 4K monitor will use more VRAM than 1080p.

How Do Game’s Setting Impact VRAM?

The rule is simple, the higher the setting you play your game at, the more data VRAM is required to render.

Yes! You can reverse the whole scenario. To run high-quality games, most gamers lower their graphic card setting. It helps them to run those modern games on old 4GB VRAM.

How Does The Type Of Game Impact VRAM?

Each game has its requirements different from others. High graphics, intense and detailed games require more VRAM than low-quality games.

When gamers play modern, high-quality games at 2-4GB VRAM, visibility is affected. For Example, Modern games like Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds get distorted when played at small VRAM.

Games of today have advanced details and graphic details. Their single-frame requires data two times multiple of a game with small VRAM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 2GHz GPU with 4GB VRAM good enough for gaming?

If you are interested in low case graphic games, then 2GB would be enough. However, If you are fond of high-quality games, then consider going for a 4GB VRAM.

What is the benefit of having more than 4GB of RAM on a gaming PC?

8GB of VRAM would be a smart purchase for the future because of its high resolution and feasibility. 

Is an i5 with 4GB RAM enough for gaming?

4GB is not that fit for video gaming in i5, especially the games that have been on the market since 2016. You need a minimum of 4 GB, though 8GB is the recommended one for hardcore gamers.

Should I get 4GB VRAM or 8GB VRAM?

Having 4GB of RAM (in dual channel) in 2021 is the bare minimum but doable. That level of RAM is the point where you should shut down your browser and office apps before jumping into a higher game.


If you play less demanding games, 4GB of GPU VRAM will be more than enough for you. However, if you are fond of playing demanding games while having 4GB of VRAM, you may need to lower the setting.

Moreover, Brands like Nvidia and AMD are using more than 8GB VRAM on their newer graphic cards because people are running higher resolution panels. It is quickly catching up and surpassing 1080p in a couple of years in the dominant panel resolution.

So, future compatibility must be your priority.

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