Minecraft Could Not Reserve Enough Space [A Fix]

minecraft could not reserve enough space

An amazing sandbox game that is played all over the world, Minecraft, has gained great popularity in the past few years. The game is accessible to all and players can create their own server to play with friends as well.

Often while allocating the space, players face this error. Not to mention Reddit users have been very vocal in highlighting this problem as well.

Minecraft could not reserve enough space

Could not reserve enough space for 2097152kb object heap Minecraft

Could not reserve enough space for object heap Minecraft


An error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for 2097152kb object heap 

Before moving to how to solve this error, it’s important to focus on what caused it. Once you know it, you can eliminate the chances of its occurrence ever again. Here’s why you might face the problem:

  • Incorrect Java JRE version
  • Less adjacent free space as compared to the specified large heap size
  • Processor unable to handle the heap size
  • Java is unable to allocate the specified heap size

Now that you know why it occurs, move to the next part to learn how to fix it.

Fixes for ‘Minecraft Could Not Reserve Enough Space’ Error

Try these fixes to get rid of the error and enjoy playing Minecraft.

Install Java JRE 64 Bit

  • Open the Java JRE download page.
  • Download the Windows Offline (64-Bit)
  • Download the 64-bit version of the Java Runtime Environment by double-clicking on the Java installer
  • Open the Minecraft server and start allocating space
  • Check if the error again shows or not

If the problem persists, then:

  • Press Windows + R to open Run
  • Open the command prompt by typing cmd in it and clicking OK
  • Type the following: java version (it will display the downloaded java version)

In case you’re not seeing the 64-bit version that means Minecraft is still finding the 32-bit version. If this happens, then move to the next fix.

Uninstall & Reinstall Java JRE 64 Bit

  • Press Windows + R key
  • Open the control panel by typing appwiz.CPL in it
  • Uninstall the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Java
  • Download the 64-bit Java version again

Once it’s done, check if the problem still exists. This fix simply removes the 32-bit version that stops Minecraft from finding it again and again while allocating objects. However, in most cases, even this fix is not enough to deal with the situation. Move to the next fix if this happens!

Add a New System Variable

  • Create a system restore point
  • Press Windows + R key
  • Open the control panel by typing control in the command box
  • Go to System and Security à Security
  • Click on Show Advanced System Settings on the left pane
  • Click on Environmental Variables from the System Properties
  • Click New in the System Variables section
  • Enter Variable Name à _Java_OPTIONS.
  • Enter Variable Value à -Xmx512M
  • Save the changes by clicking OK

It fixes the error by fixing the memory size at 512 MB. You can easily enjoy your game after the problem is fixed!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase the heap size?

  1. Go to the application server administration server and log in
  2. Go to the JVM options
  3. Change it to –Xmx256m to set the heap size of the JVM
  4. Set it to a higher value, for instance, Xmx 1024m
  5. Save the settings

How to reserve more space on the Minecraft server?

One solution to fix this issue is to install the 64-bit version of Java JRE. The 32-bit version is often unable to make space, so it’s recommended to switch to 64-bit.

How to change to 64-bit Java from 32-bit Java to play Minecraft? 

The best way to deal with this situation is to uninstall the 32-bit Java from your device, then install 64-bit Java on it. If both are present in the machine, then Minecraft often fails to identify the 64-bit and shows heap size error.

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