Minecraft F3 Command Is Not Working? A Complete Guide With Solution With Causes

minecraft f3 commands

Have you been facing issues with the F3 key? Or is it not working while playing Minecraft? Then we have made this guide to sort it out promptly.

The F3 key is an essential tool to acquire meaningful information that includes coordinates, fps, block chunk, CPU, and display issues in the game. We have heard that many of us face issues with Minecraft f3 commands. If you are among them and aren’t able to resolve that issue on your own, then our detailed write-up will not just ensure your solution, but we will also uncover the possible reasons behind it. So without wasting minutes, let’s get into it!

Why Minecraft F3 Command Is Not Working?

The data screen, also called the troubleshoot menu or menu F3, tends to be actuated when pressing the F3 or Fn + F3 key on most workstations. There can be a long list when it comes to the issues, but we have mentioned a few widely addressed issues to help you define the scenario.

  • If you have been pressing the F3 key but coordinates in Minecraft are not directly visible to your computer screen, you are advised to uphold the entire process manually.
  • The most recent Computer System and PC have an additional F-Lock key that most users are unaware of. However, with that key, you will process functions with F3 in Minecraft.
  • Some keyboard systems have their drivers and programming to set their usefulness. Assuming that you have not fixed it, you will confront the issue.
  • Are you having the latest version of Windows 10? The most recent windows 10 version will for sure get you in this issue since it doesn’t have an F3 screen.

Other Minecraft F3 Is Not Working Issues

Below, we have mentioned some of the similar issues you might confront in the future.

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Minecraft f3 commands
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How To Fix Minecraft F3 Command Issue In Minecraft

To repair the Issues beneath, we have gathered some tips & tricks to ensure a quick solution. Go ahead and follow these tips to resolve the issue precisely. We have mentioned multiple techniques to ensure you multiple solutions. In case if one doesn’t work for you, you can skip to the next solution.

Enable The Coordinated Manually!

If you want to enable the coordinates with the F3 key, but it seems impossible, or the Minecraft F3 command is not working, follow these steps to enable it manually. Hence for this, you need to disable the reduced debug info. However, you have mentioned two distinct ways to help resolve the issue.

  1. If your Minecraft is running, then visit the main Menu section
  2. Go to the Option and click on Chat Setting
  3. In the chat setting, you will have an option to set User Debug Info – Keep it on OFF.
  4. Once you are done with the setting, it will resolve your issue precisely.
  5. If that Option is not visible to your screen, then turn it off
  6. Go to the Minecraft installation folder
  7. Find the Options.txt file, right-click on it
  8. Here, you will find reduced Debug Info. Make it FALSE.
  9. Have you done it? Save that new change and start playing a game once again.

F3 Is Not Working? Use Fn Key!

f3 is not working

F3 welcomes nothing on the screen while playing? You don’t have to be worried about it! The latest changes in new workstations have made it quite impossible for F3 alone to uphold tasks. Instead, keyboards are given numerous functionalities on a similar button. So look at the Method to dispose of Minecraft F3 Not Working issue. Typically, the F3 key is likewise used to drop down the volume. Aside from the essential usefulness of the F3 key, there ought to be an Fn key also. Typically, it is situated on the base left of the keyboard. If your F3 is not working alone, then press the FN+F3 key together.

Don’t Have Fn Key On Your Keyboard? Use F-Lock Key

use f lock key

In certain situations, the Fn key additionally neglects to work, or if your keyboard does come with an Fn key, here is the solution. In such a situation, search for the F-lock key. Typically, the key is situated at the upper right of the keyboard. So you can fix this Minecraft F3 Not Working issue with an F lock command right on your keyboard.

F-Lock or Fn both perform similar functions if one stops responding. If you face such a situation, press the F-Lock key and then press F3, and you will find it working perfectly on your workstation.

Both Fn & F-Lock Is Not Working? Then Try Using Ctrl Key!

Don’t you have Fn and F-Lock keys on your system’s keyboard? Or it’s the key that is not responding when you are playing Minecraft on your system? Look no further than the solution for you! You can use the CTRL key as many Minecraft enthusiasts are using the CTRL key in such a situation.

Playing Minecraft On Bedrock Edition?

Minecraft is accessible in a lot of releases. The most famous one is the Java version, as in addition to the fact that it is the first to deliver Minecraft, hence the widely used edition as well.  But if you are playing Minecraft on the bedrock release, then sorry to say, the debug screen is not available on that edition. This means that your keyboard F3 won’t be able to fetch your desired debug screen. Hence, you will have to switch to the Java edition first.

Minecraft Inventory Shortcuts

If you want to use inventories efficiently, these shortcuts can be lifesaving. So let’s have some Minecraft inventory shortcuts below.

Minecraft Inventory Shortcuts
Hotbar Number Hit the keys 1-9
Saved Hotbars  pressing C and numbers 1-9 at the same time
Split a stack Right-click on the stack
Singular Items Grab a stack and then right-click on it
For Quick Drop Press the drop button for quick dropping in inventory
Quick Stack Double Click on items and grab them all

Frequently Asked Questions

What does F3 do in Minecraft?

The debug screen is an element that permits a player to see components of the game, for example, the directions and the biome you’re in. It’s gotten to while pressing the F3 key.

What does C show in Minecraft?

The C in Minecraft is used to integrate chunk numbers rendered over the actual number of chunks in the loaded area.

How to find hitboxes in Minecraft?

In Minecraft Java, it is quite straightforward. Press keys F3 and B on the keyboard of your workstation simultaneously. This will flip hitboxes on and off for you. Hitboxes look like straight lines around hordes and NPCs and can decide substance position.

Wrap Up

Our detailed guide on Minecraft F3 commands has precisely covered the most problematic situation happening in Minecraft. If you cannot utilize the F3 key or do not work, then our guide has covered multiple scenarios to cover them for you.

Moreover, we have also given some working tricks that will help resolve this issue. If you have any queries or want to share something with us, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section.

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