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murder mystery code fortnite

A modern version of the classic, Murder Mystery in  Fortnite is a great mode for anyone looking to have fun or even a quick murder between friends. Built around the games’ mystery hunt, players will need to figure out who is the murderer and then kill them with some friends to send them to the nether.

If you’re looking for a way to play something other than Fortnite’s main mode with your friends. The following are some of the best murder mystery codes Fortnite.

Murder Mystery Codes 2021

You can find all the different murder mystery codes in Fortnite Battle Royale Codes here so you don’t have to pay a dime to continue playing.

Each of these codes is unique and follows the classic Murder Mystery rules, with a secret murderer. Unfortunately, there’s no way to win the game unless you have the correct codes. However, they’re still fun to play! So, let’s get started on your next adventure in Fortnite Battle Royale.

1. Gaming House

The gaming house Fortnite Murder Mystery Code is a Battle Royale map in a minimal plot of land surrounded by mountains. As the name suggests, the map revolves around a murder mystery mechanic, where one player is the murderer, and other players must find out who they are before they’re killed.

Also, this map is primarily dark, so you’ll need to use your flashlight to navigate around it. There are multiple hiding spots on this map (including around corners), and since it’s small in size, you’ll need to travel quickly to get supplies and avoid others.

Useful for Battle Royale matches and big team games of five members (e.g., Duo).

Code : 9850-2841-2309

2. Mansion

Introducing the Murder Mystery Mansion; this map is mostly dark, so you’ll need to use your flashlight to navigate around it. There is one person who will be the murderer, and you will need to find them! Decorated with luxurious furniture, this Under Construction Fortnite game is packed with excitement and suspense.

You will be given a small set of instructions at the beginning of the game, where you will need to follow those. You can bring up to 4 – 16 players, so this game is suitable for parties! Get started now and have fun!

Code:  9850-2841-2309

3. Murder Swap

This is a map with quite a twist! You have all the normal roles: innocents, sheriff, and murderer. The basic premise of the map is that there are different Fortnite characters innocent, murderer, and Sheriff players. Each role will have a designated color: red for murder, green for sheriff, and blue for innocent. This will make it easy to see who has what role.

However, when the sheriff or murderer gets taken out, that role will be swapped to one of the innocent players. This adds a whole new dimension to this style of map. You could trust a player once, but once the swap happens, you might not be able to trust them now!”

Code: 5893-2263-5834

4. The Nightmare Forest

In this Survival map, you’ll play as either the killer or a survivor, but with some key differences. Instead of killing the murderer, the survivors must find a way to escape the nightmare and survive. Simply running won’t be easy, though. You’ll have to complete various tasks or obtain items to help your chances of survival.

Each method requires you to complete specific tasks or obtain gear. For those familiar with the game, this form of Murder Mystery is almost identical to the game Friday the 13th. Think you can make it out alive?

Code: 0203-9687-0056

5. Bloody Mines

Bloody Mines is an aesthetically pleasing murder mystery map that takes place in an abandoned mine. The map features many game-changing mechanics that change the way you would typically play a classic murder mystery game, such as the ability to hide your identity as the murderer and two unique game modes for competitive matches.

This map is probably the best looking of any Murder Mystery map. Bloody Mines is the ideal map to take your game to the next level with a great sense of aesthetics, fitting and interesting lore, and some fun game modes.

Code : 9736-4845-6318

6. Flashlight Murder Mystery

Welcome to the new and improved Flashlight Murder Mystery. This map pack is made for those of us who love murder mystery games but also love things that go bump in the night. With its new advanced glow fog system, this map can be utilized in regular or hardcore darkness mode should you choose to do so.

As an added bonus, you will find that this map works perfectly well with Minecraft’s dynamic lighting – allowing you to choose how dark you want it to be.

Code: 3569-6269-9820


There are new murder mystery codes that have been uncovered in the game of Fortnite, ever since the new Murder Mystery update. There is a whole slew of murder mystery codes in Fortnite that you can use to get yourself involved with a group of people who will be going through the same experience.

There’s nothing like teaming up with a group of friends and trying to figure out who’s got what it takes in order to pull off the perfect heist on another group.

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