Our Team

We are enthusiastic about technology, and we noticed a big void among internet writers in terms of information that was either out-of-date or simply incorrect! So we decided to start our own blog and devote all of our energy to it.

Our Team Behind the Scenes:

We’re a tiny group of six individuals.

Fuzail – Passionate about data & analytics and has a lot of experience in marketing strategies. He helps us with managing content calendars keeping us all updated with SEO tactics etc.

Ashad – Passionate about tech, blogs, and writing. He is our main content writer & helps us keep motivated enough for us to write at least 1 blog a day LOL!

Danial – Strategist with a special interest in affiliate blogging and creating a passive stream of income.

Sania – One of our favorite content writers & editor. She’s our go-to girl for our weekly posts.

Nabeel – We’ve been so successful thus far as a result of this gentleman’s efforts. He has never let us down and has helped us build and increase our content flow, which he now runs on six affiliate sites generating over 6 figures every month.

Umer – Content publisher and our expert affiliate manager. He’s our go-to guy when it comes to publishing our articles and monetizing our content through affiliate links.

Danish – The guy who just goes along with whatever Nabeel says & trains the team accordingly and one day he hopes to make 6-7 figures a month too!

You can check our blog out here if you haven’t already! We write an article every day.

Our team is still growing, we are always looking for new members who share our passion for technology and work ethic. We’re looking to expand even more. You can reach us out at https://pcgearhead.com/contact-us/

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