How Epic is Fortnite on PS5 Now? [Complete Guide 2022]

ps5 fortnite

Ever since Fortnite has been optimized for PS5, Playstation lovers are wondering what new improvements Epic Games has made. So, really, how epic is Fortnite on PS5 now? That we’ll find out today.

For instance, this guide will walk you through many aspects of PS5 Fortnite. We’ll look into the improvements, the possibilities, and much more.

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With that said, let’s dive in.

The Incredible Support for 120 FPS in Fortnite PS5

One of the biggest improvements of Fortnite on PS5 is the support for 120 Frame Per Second. It’s an amazing feat for pro gamers who go for the maximum FPS they could possibly achieve.

Now, if you’re not sure how 120 FPS will benefit gamers, here it is:

How Does 120 FPS in Fortnite PS5 Benefit Players?
how does 120 fps in fortnite ps5 benefit players

The more FPS you achieve in a game, the smoother the gameplay gets. A smooth gameplay results in better gaming accuracy in Fortnite. It means that the player with a higher FPS has more chances to win compared to someone playing it on lower FPS.

This way, support for 120 FPS on Fortnite PS5 is a remarkable addition for gamers. It ensures the PS5 gamers get the most out of their gaming experience.

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An example of how more FPS benefits in Fortnite is when you quickly aim at a target or abruptly turn back, everything you see is in clear focus. This way, tracking the target becomes convenient with a high average FPS.
high average fps

But, There’s a Catch…

Even though the support for 120 FPS in Fortnite PS5 is a significant addition, it also brings some disadvantages.

One of the big downsides of playing Fortnite on 120 FPS on your PS5 is that the resolution of your console is automatically capped at 1440p.

It might not affect the users who may be using a lower resolution than 1440p. But, the gamers of that game at 4k will definitely see a compromise in graphics details & textures.

Speaking of graphics details, enabling 120 FPS also reduces some other Fortnite graphical settings like:

  • Shadows
  • Post-processing
  • Streaming distances

Furthermore, you may not be able to enjoy 120 FPS unless you have a 120 Hz monitor.

4K Resolution Compatibility

Another exciting highlight of PS5 Fortnite is the compatibility with 4K resolution. So, you can enjoy Fortnite with stunning visuals and more graphics details on PS5.

Compared to the standard 1080p resolution, 4k resolution comes with 4 times more pixels. It means that 4k gaming offers four times more details for a stunning visual experience.

However, at the same time, switching over to 4k definitely affects the overall FPS. But if you’ve got a powerful PS5, you got nothing to worry about. Switching to 4k will still ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Furthermore, playing Fortnite on higher resolution can often result in FPS drops. Read our guide on Fortnite FPS Drop to find effective ways to improve your FPS.

The Better Split-Screen Mode
the better split screen mode

Who doesn’t like playing Fortnite on split-screen? Thankfully, Epic Games has improved Fortnite’s split-screen mode on PS5. So, with improvements introduced, you can now play Fortnite on split-screen with over 60 FPS.

Faster Page Loading Speed

Epic Games has announced that they’ve improved Fortnite’s page loading speeds on PS5.

So, PS5 players can now get into the matches and prove their skills faster. The texture loading time has also been improved to make it possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequent queries regarding PS5 Fortnite:

Can You Play Fortnite on PS5?

Fortnite is now officially available on PS5 across many regions around the world. These include the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and so on. It has been available in these countries since 12 November. Whereas, it was released in other regions on 19 November.

Is Fortnite Free on PS5?

Fortnite is completely free on PS5. You can download it from the PlayStation Store. Once the downloading is complete, put the game to installation and dive into a Fortnite match as soon as it’s installed.

Can 120 FPS Run on Fortnite PS5?

PS5 Fortnite now officially supports 120 FPS. However, enabling 120 FPS on Fortnite PS5 comes with some compromises like resolution capping and reduction of some graphics settings. However, to enable 120 FPS in Fortnite, it’s essential to first enable Performance Mode in your PlayStation 5 settings.

Key Takeaways

  • Fortnite on PS5 now supports 120 FPS which is definitely a significant addition.
  • However, setting Fortnite on 120FPS comes with some downsides like resolution capping and compromise on some graphics settings.
  • Furthermore, PS5 Fortnite is also compatible with 4k resolution which offers four times more pixels compared to the standard 1080p resolution.
  • Fortnite on PS5 also comes with an enhanced split-screen mode to ensure a better multiplayer gaming experience, with improved support for higher FPS.
  • Other than that, Fortnite on PS5 has been optimized for faster page loading speeds to save players their time.
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