Where To Sell Graphics Card – The Definitive Guide

graphics card

If you have a graphics card that you don’t need anymore then you need to start searching for places where to sell graphics card right away. The sooner you do that, the better price you’ll get and well, there’s no point in keeping something that’s no longer useful, so why wait?

It’s always a great idea to upgrade your graphics card with time and well, as it’s a little expensive, selling the older one would recover some of the cost of the new card. Luckily, we are living in the digital age where buying and selling is quite easy. Especially when it comes to selling a used graphics card, you can find several eCommerce websites. Not only this but you can also sell it to offline customers who are willing to buy your GPU.

In this guide we’ll be talking about everything from where to sell graphics cards to what to consider when selling it. So stick along because this definitive guide can really help you get the best price for your GPU.

Best Places To Sell Old Graphics Card

We are now going to jot down multiple online and offline places where you can list your GPU that you no longer use. Starting with;



Facebook has always been the best social media platform especially when it comes to buying and selling. Long before this whole eCommerce trend started, people used Facebook to buy and sell graphics card and now you can do the same for yourself. It’s still a practice many people use and well,it’s an effective one too. The reason is that on Facebook, you can easily join multiple pages that are created for the sole purpose of selling used products in your city or local community. Moreover, your chances of getting an instant response on these pages is higher because people are almost always scrolling through their newsfeeds. You can also use other social media platforms like Instagram to sell graphics card and it sure will work out for you.


  • Higher traffic/higher visibility
  • You can easily find local communities


  • Potential scams

2-eCommerce Sites

ecommerce sites

eCommerce sites like eBay and Amazon aren’t just great when you are looking for stuff, in fact, they can come in handy if you want to sell your graphics card too. All you have to do is to open a seller account on these sites and then put pictures of your graphics card along with its features and current condition. The best part about these platforms is that you can get a huge number of visitors here as they are quite popular. If you want, you can opt for other local eCommerce sites in your area too. Just make sure to choose the ones that have higher traffic and a good reputation.


  • Quick response
  • Higher selling price


  • Little to no seller protection

3-Online Classified Sites

online classified sites

There are multiple online classified sites like Craigslist, OLX and Locanto that are specifically used for buying and selling used products. Here, it’s all about your listing and how professional it is. To increase your ad’s visibility, you need to mention everything about your graphics card along with its pictures and product details. If you want the answer to “how to sell graphics card without box” then this is it! Search for the best and the most reputable online classified sites and list your GPU to get customers.


  • It’s free-peer to peer
  • More buyers


  • You can easily fall victim to a scam

4-ITAD Companies

With an ITAD company, your chances of selling your graphics cards are higher than any other method listed above. There are some great ITAD companies out there like NewTechRecycling where you can list down your cards but what you must know here is that these companies only help you sell cards that at least have a value of $1000. In simpler words, if your card’s value is below $1000 then you should try the other methods but if you want a place where you can sell your GPU cards in bulk then there’s nothing better than an ITAD company. The reason why you should opt for this method is that these companies can quickly bring you customers and it’s the fastest way to recover your money to buy a new graphics card. Moreover, you’ll probably make less profit here because as compared to what you’ll get with direct selling. In a nutshell, you should only opt for this method if you are in a hurry to get some cash in return for your GPU that has been sitting there on your desk for a while now.


  • Fastest way to sell your cards
  • Full seller protection


  • You can only sell cards that have a total value of $1000 or above

5-Reddit Hardware Swap


Reddit is one of the best platforms especially for gamers who want to buy and sell gaming components. The one important thing that you must know about how to sell a GPU on Reddit Hardware Swap is that you have to be honest about the condition of your graphics card or else you’ll be penalized for it. They have a very strict policy and some strict rules that you must go through first before you make the decision of listing your GPU.


  • It’s a vibrant community
  • Both seller and buyer protection


  • Strict rules

6-Reddit Miner

reddit miner

Just as the name implies, this place is specifically for miners but if you have an AMD graphics card or something as good as an Nvidia GTX 1070 then you should try your luck here too. In the mining community, efficiency is what they see when buying products and the same goes for your graphics card. The power matters but what matters more is the card you are selling and the price at which you are selling it. Just like Reddit Hardwareswap, Reddit Miner also comes with some strict guidelines and rules that have to be followed. If you think about it, it’s good because at least here you won’t have to worry about someone scamming you.


  • Can quickly sell your GPU
  • Card’s efficiency is what matters the most


  • Potential for scams

7-Friends And Family

friends and family

If you want a way to sell graphics card easily then you should try this offline friends and family method. You can connect to your friends, relatives and acquaintances to find out if they are looking for a more powerful and dedicated graphics card. The only important thing here is to be honest with them about the condition of your GPU and quote them the right price accordingly. Especially if you know any gaming geeks around in your community then you must try this method. It’s easy and direct communication means that you’ll be able to sell graphics card quickly.


  • Low effort required
  • You can trust the buyer


  • You might have to compromise a bit on the price

Things To Consider When Selling Graphics Card

Just like when you are buying a particular product, you have to consider a few important factors when selling one too. Especially when it comes to your graphics card, you should first check the condition of your GPU and be honest about it. Other than this, here are a few factors that you need to take under consideration to get your desired price.

1-Risk/Trust Factor

There’s very little risk involved in offline GPU selling but when it comes to the internet, you need to be aware that there are scammers out there. Yes, some of the eCommerce sites and social media platforms or ITAD sites are safe but at the same time, they do come with a risk of a scam. So before you finalize the platform where you want to list your graphics card, you should consider the risk and trust factor.


Every platform where you want to sell graphics card comes with its own pricing policy and users that are willing to pay you a certain amount. Direct selling is great if you want your desired amount of money but at the same time, there are some huge transaction risks involved here. To be careful, you should first invest some time in researching different platforms and the price they are willing to pay you for your card.

3-The Right Time To Sell

The time to sell has a direct impact on the price you’ll be getting. For example, when selling graphics card on eBay 2021, you have to first study the current GPU price trends and check if there are people who are willing to pay for your GPU. The sooner you sell your card, the better it is because with the passage of time, the value of your card will decrease. If it’s in a good condition then don’t wait and make the move right away. Also, your listings matter here. You have to be as professional as possible with all the product images, description as well as the price.

4-The Platform Comfort Level

The comfort level of the platform matters when you want to sell graphics card. For example, if you are familiar with how Facebook works and how to look for groups and communities that can buy your GPUs then stick to it even if you have to sell hundreds of graphics cards. The more familiar the platform is to you, the better will be the chances of you getting the price you want. Also, the security and protection factor plays a vital role here as you’ll already know how to prevent any scams.

Tips On Selling Used Graphics Cards

Now that you know where to sell graphics card, the next step is to learn about how to sell your used graphics cards. Here are some useful tips that can work wonders for you;

1-Do It Quickly And Don’t Wait

No matter how much we insist on this factor, it’s never going to be enough. You need to understand the science behind selling your graphics card; the sooner you go for it, the better it is for you. People often wait till they buy a new graphics card and then keep waiting just because they are afraid that their new card might fail at some point so they’d need a backup. Well, you can’t just keep something on your table for years just because you are afraid of your current card failing to perform. You should know that the value of your card decreases with time and no good comes out of it. So if you want some good money for your GPU then sell it quickly.

2-Professional Listings

Just what we said earlier, your listing matters the most and it determines the kind of customers you’ll be getting. A professional listing means that you need to click and upload perfect pictures of your GPU, you should be accurate and honest about its condition and write a professional description mentioning all of its features. The more professional your listing is, the higher will be the chances of you getting your desired figue.

3-Mention The Reasons For Selling

For a classified ad, you are supposed to mention the reasons for selling graphics card. When buying a used GPU, people will always be concerned about the reason why you are getting rid of it. They’ll think things like “has the card gone bad?”, “is it performing poorly?”, “is it damaged?”. To put an end to all these questions, you should simply mention the reason why you want to sell it. For example, if you’ve upgraded to a new card then just write it down in the description and tell your audience why you don’t need it anymore.

4-List A Higher Price For Bargain

Whether you are selling GPUs online or offline, people will always bargain a little and they’d want to pay a little less than what you’ve asked for. The trick here is to always mention a higher price so that even after the bargain and negotiation, you can get your desired price. For example, if you want the selling price to be $20 then mention $25 instead because after bargaining you’ll at least end up getting $20 or more and you’ll still make some profit here.

5-Offer Some Goodies

People love free and extra stuff. When you want to sell graphics card, offer your customers something free like an adapter or some cable that you don’t want. This is one of the best techniques to attract customers towards your listing.

How to Estimate The Selling Price Of An Old Graphics Card?

Whether you want to sell graphics card to Amazon or try some other classified website, you should first always estimate the selling price of your used GPU. It’s important because you can’t just put a price on your card yourself. You have to do a little market research here and consider the condition of your card too.

For example, if you have the AMD Radeon RX 6000 or Nvidia GeForce 30 then here’s a price trend that you can consider;

amd radeon rx 6000 vs Nvidia GeForce 30

  • Opt For Ask/Search Forums

One of the best ways to get an estimated selling price for GPU card is to opt for ask/search forums. It’s better if you head to computer hardware forums because some of them even offer classified sections where you can mention the details of your card and ask people the price that you should quote. In fact, on these forums, you might as well get some customers who are interested in your card. Some of the best forums you need to try are; tomshardware forum and pcpartpicker forum.

  • Use This Formula

If forums aren’t working for you then you can even find out the estimated value of your used graphics card yourself. Here’s a formula that’ll help you

Step 1-Check the MSRP of your video card when it was launched. There are some great platforms to find the value of your card like, https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/

Step 2-Once you know the MSRP value, divide it by the number of years for which you’ve used the card since its launch.

Step 3-Now add this value to half of the price that you get for your card in step no.1.

This will be your rough estimated selling price for your GPU card.


To sell graphics card, you just have to invest a lot of time in research. First you need to calculate the estimated price that you’ll be charging, then do some research on the platforms that’ll be best for you to sell your card and then invest some time in making a professional listing.

The process of selling graphics card is quite simple and easy but you have to be very professional and honest about its details and its current condition. When you do that, the selling part won’t be a big deal for you. Moreover, start the process as early as you can. Especially if you’ve already bought a new card and are using it then don’t wait for another second and quickly sell it right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.When Should I Sell Gpu?

If your current card isn’t meeting your performance needs or if you just want to upgrade to a new one then that’s the right time to sell your old GPU card. Also, you are supposed to mention this reason in your listing so that people know why you want to sell it instead of wondering if there’s something wrong with the card.

Q2. How Much Can I Sell My 2060 For?

The best way to find out is to use forums like Tom’s Hardware. Considering the current value of 2060, you can sell your graphics card for $250 to $300.

Q3.Which Platform Is The Safest For Selling Graphics Card?

There’s no one word answer to this question but yes, you can try platforms like Facebook or eBay and Amazon etc. These sites come with a potential risk of scam so you have to be careful about it. Overall, direct selling or offline selling like your friends and family is the safest way to sell graphics card.

Q4. How To Sell A GPU?

To sell graphics card, you just have to test it first, check its condition and then start looking for different online and offline platforms to list it. Your listing should be professional and honest if you want the best price for your card.

Q5. Is The Graphics Card Market Improving?

Yes the graphics card market is improving by leaps and bounds. The demand for video cards is higher than it ever was especially because of the pandemic. So now would be a great time to list your used graphics card and get your desired figure for it.

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