What is AMD Turbo Core Technology? Here’s All You Need to Know About it!

what is amd turbo core

So, you’ve just explored the concept of AMD Turbo Core but are unable to find out what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit you. But don’t you worry, that’s all we’re going to talk about.

AMD Turbo core technology is a framework designed to increase the clock speed of the processor which results in better performance. Generally, technology is all about improving, or more precisely boosting performance.

But, keep on reading to learn what is AMD turbo core technology as well as the core clock of a CPU. With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

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What is AMD Turbo Core Technology?

what is amd turbo core technology

In order to understand what AMD turbo core technology is, you should know what a CPU clock is.

CPU clock is the frequency of the processor to perform calculations and operations. As a rule of thumb, it is limited and the speed of the processor depends upon it.

Companies have been introducing models for boosting this clock speed for a certain time. One of them is the AMD turbo core technology.

When this framework is enabled, the processor consumes more power to get to a higher frequency and eventually deliver a better performance.

But, the point to note is, this consumption of more power leads to more heat production. So, it’s important to ensure good cooling in your computer before using such a boost technology.

How many fans are installed on your computer plays a big role in the overall cooling of the system? Learn how many fans are best for a gaming PC with our detailed guide.

The AMD turbo core technology is not to be confused with AMD PowerNow where the processor’s frequency is dynamically adjusted to ensure a good balance between heat and performance.

However, you can take AMD turbo core technology as an alternative to Intel turbo core technology.

How Does AMD Turbo Core Work?

how does amd turbo core work

Processors usually don’t run at their maximum speed. To make a CPU perform at its best, AMD turbo core technology is used.

Using this technology on a processor offers more power to the processor according to its maximum clock capacity to make it perform faster

For instance, if a processor runs at 2GHz in normal cases, using the technology could improve its clock speed to over 3GHz depending upon the type of processor and the cooling system.

Of course, it also helps to improve performance in gaming. But, how can you do that? Learn all about it with our detailed guide on how to check CPU & GPU usage in-game games.

The major use cases for AMD Turbo core technology are gaming and creative programs. For instance, gamers widely use this technology to achieve better FPS at games. Similarly, video/ photo editors and animators use it to get things done faster.

Why Should You Use AMD Turbo Core?

AMD Turbo Core comes with a number of benefits. The major one, however, is the boost in performance.

Anyway, below are the major benefits of using AMD turbo core technology:

  • The system is designed not to drop performance in warmer environments. Instead, it still offers good efficiency in relatively warm environments
  • Offers up to 900 MHz of additional clock speed with all the CPU cores active. In other words, using the technology can boost all the cores at once
  • If fewer of the CPU cores are active, less heat is produced. The technology also works with only active cores to deliver amazing performance even when some of the cores are inactive

That’s pretty much it. In a nutshell, AMD turbo core technology tends to be very helpful if your goal is to improve performance. But, you shouldn’t enable such a boost technology right away. There are some factors to take care of. Let’s take a look at them.

Things to Know Before Using AMD Turbo Boost

Overclocking a CPU using an AMD turbo boost isn’t that straightforward. It comes with certain risks. So, it’s important to take care of certain factors to ensure nothing goes wrong.

When you use such a boost framework, the processor’s chip is forced to work fast. Firstly, not all the processors support that. Only the modern ones do. So, it’s recommended to only enable such a technology if you have a gaming processor.

Secondly, overheating is another major problem you can encounter when using this framework. So, it’s recommended to use an advanced air cooling or liquid cooling system.

Furthermore, twinkling the fan speed also helps to overcome overheating. Find out a suitable program for you from our guide on the best fan control software for Windows and Mac.

Moreover, you should also know that overclocking can also damage your processor. Other than that, it generally doesn’t come under the manufacturer’s warranty either. So, be careful before using such an overclocking feature.

The motherboard also plays a big part in overclocking. If your motherboard doesn’t support it, it could fry out. However, some gaming motherboards do cover overclocking in their CPU.

What Are the Supported Processors to Enable AMD Turbo Boost?
what are the supported processors to enable amd turbo boost

Only certain AMD processors support AMD Turbo boost. Below is a small list of AMD CPU series that support it:

  • Opteron (AMD’s server and workstation processor series)
  • AMD FX (AMD’s high-end processors series for personal computers)
  • AMD APU (AMD’s accelerated processing unit used in CPUs and GPUs on a single die)
  • AMD Ryzen (AMD’s microprocessors used in desktop, mobile, and servers, etc)

Other than that, the AMD EPYC series and some AMD Phenom II CPUs also support this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable AMD Turbo Core technology?

The best way to enable AMD Turbo Core technology is by using their own software called AMD Overdrive. Once you’ve installed it, follow the steps below to enable AMD Turbo core technology:

  1. Navigate to the Core/Voltage tab
  2. Click on the Turbo Core button
  3. Check the box that says “Enable Turbo Core”

Also, you should make sure to navigate to:

“Preferences > Settings > Check “Apply my last settings when system boots”

After that, you’re all set. Simply reboot your computer and let the settings take effect.

Is AMD Turbo Boost automatic?

Yes, AMD Turbo boost is an automatic procedure. When you enable this feature, your AMD processor overclocks automatically regarding heat in the environment. For instance, if the processor and surroundings get too hot during overclocking, the processor will automatically come back to normal condition.

Should I disable AMD Turbo Boost?

Whether you should use AMD Turbo boost or disable it directly depends upon your needs. If you want some high-end performance for maybe gaming or video/phone editing, it may be better to enable it.

But, if you’re looking for moderate performance and want your computer/laptop to be quieter and cooler, disabling it might be better.

Is AMD Turbo Boost necessary?

No, the Turbo Boost is not necessary at all. You can still get a good performance out of your processor with Turbo boost disabled. But, if you’re looking for top-notch processing power, turning on AMD Turbo Boost technology might help.

How do I turn off AMD Turbo?

The easiest way to turn off AMD Turbo Core settings on your computer is to use AMD Onedrive software. You can simply go to the Core/Voltage tab and disable the Turbo clock feature. An alternative way is to use BIOS on startup.


To sum up, here’s what is AMD turbo core technology and how it works:

  • Processors come with a certain frequency at which they perform calculations
  • Using AMD turbo core technology enhances this frequency to boost performance
  • To enhance this processor’s chip speed, the feature supplies more power to the CPU
  • When more power is supplied, it results in more heat production which can cause overheating
  • Only specific AMD processors support AMD turbo core technology
  • Make sure to get a good cooling system before you use this turbo core feature
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