Why is Fortnite so Bad?

why is fortnite so bad

Fortnite is addictive for kids, which is why Fortnite Battle Royale is bad. Although kids don’t get to see any blood in the game, still there’s too much fighting and killing going on in the game.

If a child is spending hours on the game, then the game is doing nothing, but damaging his brain. Not only that, too much playing can interfere with the child’s responsibilities, sleep, and homework as well.

Reasons Why Fortnite Is So Bad

Fortnite is so bad because of a lot of reasons with addiction on top of them all. Here’s a list of reasons why Fortnite is so bad now in 2020.

  1. Interfering with child’s homework and overall education
  2. Child’s emotional thinking is highly influenced
  3. Game affects the child’s mindset
  4. Puts the child at the risk of heart diseases
  5. Reduces child’s intelligence
  6. Kids get addicted to the bad side
  7. Increases the risk of weak eyesight
  8. Affect child’s memory
  9. Puts a negative impact on a child’s general knowledge

If your child is less than 13, then it’s recommended to not let them develop an addiction to the game.

Is Fortnite Addictive?

Yes, Fortnite is addictive, especially for children less than 13 years of age. At this age, the child’s brain is capturing information that reshapes how they think. Fortnite comes with a lot of killing and shooting that can shape your child’s brain to prefer this activity in real life as well.

Your child can be at great risk of thinking that this act is fine and might take the path in the real-life as well. Fortnite addiction is not safe for children.

How to Save Your Kid from Fortnite Addiction?

Fortnite is for adults, but if your child is addicted to the game, then there are ways to save them from this addiction. Players from all around the world play the game and communicate with one another. Often this language is bad enough to have a negative impact on your child.

Here are a few tips to save your kid from Fortnite addiction.

  1. Don’t let your child play the game alone. Put their PC or laptop in open, so you can keep an eye on them
  2. Give your child additional tasks to keep them busy. You can give them a book to read or a DIY project to gain their attention.
  3. Take your child outside to play, so they don’t shift to online games to pass their time.
  4. Treat your child as your friend and talk to them openly. Let them know about the disadvantages of Fortnite, so they are better aware of it.

All of these tips can help your child to get rid of the addiction and take the necessary measures to stay on track.

Side-Effects of Fortnite

The question is – Is Fortnite bad? Is it really bad? Or is it just hype to tarnish the game’s reputation?

Well, it’s a great game for adults, but for children – it’s a complete no-no.

If you’re wondering how bad Fortnite is for children, then here’s a list of side effects that the game can have on them.

  1. Chatting on games in bad language can make them learn new swear words and use them on others
  2. Possible damaging effects of the girl characters in the game
  3. The addictive nature of the game is troublesome for children

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fortnite one of the worst games?

No, Fortnite is not one of the worst games. It’s an extremely popular game throughout the world; however, the game is more appropriate for adults than kids.

What’s bad about Fortnite?

Profanity is extremely common from other players in the game, which is one of the bad parts about Fortnite. People get to hear racial names, swear words, and more that can influence their behavior.

Is Fortnite sexualized?

Fortnite is not sexualized and is a wonderful game for people of all ages.

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