10 Best Free Cloud Gaming Services For You in 2021

10 best free cloud gaming services for you in 2021

Cloud gaming is transforming globally. 

Back in the day, who could’ve thought that playing games on the Internet would be such a breeze. Fast forward to today, we have the amazing cloud technology that makes the Internet space a much more connected space. From adventure games to strategy builders, from car racing to sharpshooting, just pick a category and you will find thousands of games through which you can source your entertainment. 

Companies like GeForce, Google, PlayStation, Microsoft, and many other businesses are making enormous leaps in the world of gaming. And the competition among all these organizations is fierce. Do you know what the best part about cloud gaming is? You don’t need a high spec PC to work these games online.

Are you a crazy gamer and searching for a platform where you can spend endless hours gaming? 

Well here are some free cloud gaming platforms you can start with!

10 Best Free Cloud Gaming Services For You in 2021


PlayStation Now

The All-Big PlayStation Now is a treasure trove for PlayStation fans out there. What makes PlayStation Now stand a class apart is the fact that it offers more than 600 games. Isn’t that just mind-blowing? Well, you can use PlayStation Now free for one hour every week which lets you play any game of your choice from the list by downloading them to your gaming console. 

PlayStation now comes free with all PS Plus subscribers so for those who have already paid a hefty amount on their gaming consoles, PlayStation Now is icing on the cake! However, if you don’t own a PlayStation device or are not interested in buying one right away then fret not as other free cloud-based options exist too! From Nvidia GeForce To Cloud Gaming Services Like Ubitus, there’s plenty more.

To cancel your PS Now Subscription check out this detailed article on how to cancel subscriptions on PS4 from PC, smartphone, etc.

GeForce Now

GeForce Now is an amazing free cloud gaming service that provides you access to a wide variety of games. They are not only exceptional in graphics but they also offer great performance. You can easily find some of the best game titles on GeForce Now. And the best part is, you can play all these high-end graphic intensive titles on Mac or Windows PC via the GeForce now platform without any hassle. 

Are you running a computer system that meets the minimum Nvidia requirements?  Then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give this free cloud-based game streaming service a try! With GeForce now, you get instant access to more than 50 classic titles from popular publishers like Nintendo and Sega along with newly launched triple-A quality games straight up! Don’t miss the chance!


If you are a hardcore gamer, then free cloud gaming services like Ubitus can be your best bet. They offer free game streaming to both Mac and Windows users which means that all your favorite games will be in one place now! 

Yes, it’s true; the free version of this service offers 50+ free online PC games for gamers around the world. This is not just amazing but also saves up on costs as well thereby making it much more appealing to new casual players who would want to test out some games before buying them.

Parsec Cloud-Based Gaming

Now get a complete cloud gaming experience and more through a user-friendly interface. With Parsec cloud-based gaming, you can easily connect with the free cloud server from anywhere and start playing without any hassle. All you need is a computer system that meets minimum requirements like an Intel Core i-series CPU, NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, etc. And if your device doesn’t meet these specifications then don’t worry as Parsec has still got something for you!

Parsec also offers free streaming with GeForce now so that means gamers can easily stream games using their GPU at home while they are on a trip via just WiFi connectivity. Isn’t that amazing? There’s no doubt about it. The exceptionally high bandwidth and extremely low latency stream allow gamers to play games in sixty FPS on this platform without breaking a sweat.  The platform is more reliable compared to other cloud gaming services because it gives you the best security.


If free cloud gaming services are what you need then free Boosteroid is a great option to explore. It offers free access to over 1000 triple-A and indie titles which gamers can play free of cost without any hassle whatsoever!

Boosteroid has its own infrastructure with GPU servers that provide the best graphics and lowest latency for all your games. They are equipped with a powerful processor along with the latest specs and great connectivity options too. This free cloud-based game streaming service is compatible with all devices so it doesn’t matter what type of device you use at home, be it Mac or Windows PC.

The platform also offers free storage space for games as well without any extra charges! What more could you ask from a gaming platform, right?!

The platform has servers in France, 2 in Romania, one in the UK, Spain, Slovakia, Ukraine, and even Italy. They are expanding their services all across Europe.


The free service offered by PlayKey.Net has already received a lot of positive reviews from gamers around the world and is going to be one of the best free cloud gaming services in upcoming years for sure!

This free game streaming platform offers support on Mac, Windows, Android devices as well as PlayStation systems so you can play all your favorite games free of cost right from the comfort of your home.

Playkey free offers free game access on more than 100 triple-A and indie titles for gamers to play without any hassle.

The platform has its own servers which are equipped with NVIDIA GPUs along with great connectivity options so you can enjoy lag-free gaming at will! Play all your favorite games free of cost without any subscription fee.

It has servers in Russia, France, and the Netherlands which makes it easy for gamers to access free game streaming services from multiple locations as well!

Shadow Virtual Gaming Service

Trying to find the right free cloud gaming solution? Check out Shadow Virtual Gaming Service for an experience just like playing on a fully rigged gaming PC.

Shadow offers gamers free access to over 500 triple-A and indie titles without any subscription fee so you can enjoy all your favorite games right at home. No more waiting for downloads or updates, just free gaming at its best!

The platform also offers free storage space for all gamers, even if they do not subscribe to their premium membership plans! You can get free game access on Mac, Windows as well as different Android devices.

Want free game streaming services from one of the best free cloud gaming platforms? Well, then Shadow virtual gaming service is an amazing option to explore!


Paperspace, a startup that recently introduced GPU-powered virtual machines for Nvidia’s Pascal cards is also well-positioned to compete in the cloud gaming market. Paperspace describes itself as “the first cloud built for the future.”

This free cloud gaming service offers free access to over 500 triple-A and indie titles for gamers without any hassle whatsoever.

The platform is compatible with almost all devices so you can play your favorite games right at home with a single subscription! There won’t be any issues regarding compatibility or high-end hardware requirements. The platform has dedicated servers that give the best experience possible free of cost!

Forget about subscribing to multiple platforms, just grab one that’s free of cost rather than pay hefty monthly fees every month. Paperspace gives an amazing deal where you get $25 credit in exchange for signing up along with a two-month free trial as well. What more could you ask if you’re into gaming?!


LiquidSky is another free cloud gaming platform that lets you play free of cost on your favorite devices without any hassle. It offers free storage space for gamers as well so if you want to enjoy free game streaming services, this can be a great option.

The Liquid Sky has dedicated servers with NVIDIA GPUs alongside amazing connectivity options and support at the same time! There won’t be any issues regarding lag or frame drops while playing online games right from the comfort of your home using high-end hardware at no extra charges whatsoever.

No more waiting for downloads or updates, just a free gaming experience in seconds flat when signing up with Liquid Sky’s free account plan that gives access to over 500 triple-A titles along with ones too!

Grab one today before the freebies run out!

Microsoft Azure Cloud Games

Now enjoy the benefit of your favorite game titles with Microsoft. Gain access to more than 400 different triple-A & indie game titles. The best part about Azure Cloud is; you don’t have to pay any high-end subscription fee. Microsoft Azure is a Redmond-based company that has dedicated servers with NVIDIA GPUs alongside amazing connectivity options so you can enjoy a lag-free game streaming experience at will!

No more waiting for updates or downloads, just free games on demand right from the comforts of your home using high-end hardware at no extra cost whatsoever. Azure is not only great for downloading & playing your favorite game titles, but you also get a free game streaming service as well which you can use across a wide range of devices such as Mac, Windows, and Android.

Grab one today before Microsoft decides to pull the plug away! These are some brilliant options if you’re looking out for free cloud gaming solutions that won’t burn a hole in your pocket but give you an awesome gaming experience including the ones with virtual reality.


As more and more free cloud gaming services are being introduced in the market, it is important to choose one that’s reliable & efficient.

To provide you with a better insight on free cloud gaming platforms, I have listed down some of the best options out there so you can enjoy the ultimate free game streaming experience without any limitations or issues whatsoever!

Want free games? Well then here they are for your taking.

With them, you don’t need any high-end hardware since these free Cloud Gaming Services run on dedicated servers alongside NVIDIA GPUs which gives an amazing lag-free performance at no extra cost! What else could anyone ask when given such a great deal?! So be sure to make the most of this new trend.

Start signing up before the slots run out.

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