How to Breed Turtles Minecraft – Complete Guide 2022

how to breed turtles minecraft

Are you here to find a perfect guide for how to breed turtles in Minecraft? We have got you covered!

Minecraft Bedrock is credited to have introduced up to 3,000 fish species, and the most interesting among all are none other than Sea Turtles. Wait a minute? What makes Sea Turtles the most interesting among all? The answer to your query is quite simple! Unlike any other species in Minecraft, it enables you to breed Sea Turtles with a few easy steps.

If you are a beginner or haven’t had a breeding process earlier then we must say that our profound guide on how to breed turtle Minecraft is all designed to help you produce cute baby turtles without much hassle. So without wasting a minute let’s get into it!

How To Breed Turtles Minecraft

Although the breeding process is quick and doesn’t require much work, you still need to be conscious enough for a smooth and hassle-free process. Before going into the step-by-step guide make sure to have the following required material.

  • Shears
  • Seagrass
  • Turtles 


Shears in Minecraft are supportive especially when attempting to gather sheep’s fleece! They can prove to be the best method to acquire wool from a sheep. You can also get them in use for other purposes just like Mushrooms, Pumpkins, and Beehives.


Plunge into the water with shears. You will for the most part observe Seagrass lowered under the ocean. Highlight a bed of Seagrass with the help of Shears to acquire Seagrass. You will require two of these, at any rate even though it’s smarter to gather all the more.


To pick up a turtle’s egg in Minecraft, find two turtles in close areas to one another. Feed every one of the turtle’s Seagrass till hearts begin to show up above them flagging their capacity to mate. Then, at that point, one of the turtles lays the eggs which you can incubate to have a tiny turtle.

Minecraft Breeding Turtle Process

Turtles are a detached crowd presented in the 1.13 Aquatic Update. You will find them on seashores or swimming around in the sea. This crowd has extremely exceptional reproducing mechanics—here’s the manner we have mentioned below by which it works.

Step #1

Craft Shears

step #1 craft shears

Here you will be required to smelt two iron blocks in a heater to get the necessary iron ingots. You should better place them in a diagonal form. For instance, the 1st row should have an iron ingot in the second cell whereas the second row should have an iron ingot placed in the first cell.

Step #2

Accumulate Seagrass

step #2 accumulate seagrass

As the name shows, Seagrass grows in the water! You can find them in rivers, oceans, lakes, and ponds. With the help of shares, break them into chunks. You will require at least two pieces to feed turtles.

Step #3

Find Turtles

When you have the necessary materials, you should track down two turtles to raise. You can easily find them in the Beach biome. Turtles have normally tracked down swimming in the water or strolling along the sand.  Your turtles should be near one another when reproducing, so we have fabricated a sand divider toward our two turtles from running off.

Step #4

Breed Two Turtles

step #4 breed two turtles

Once you have found Turtle in pairs hold the Seagrass and click on the Feed button to feed them enough. After having enough grass a heart will appear which will foster the turtle to lay 1-4 eggs on the sand. Turtles usually lay eggs on blocks.

Step #5

Pick Up Eggs With A Silk Touch

step #5 pick up eggs with a silk touch

This is discretionary however permits you to move the eggs any place you might want. You must uphold careful handling to prevent the eggs from breaking. The eggs can be put on sand or red sand in groups of up to 4.

Step #6

Construct A Fence For Eggs

step #6 construct a fence for eggs

Saving eggs from Foxes, stray cats, and other zombie variations is the top priority. Hence, constructing a fence-type enclosure is essential to give them protection against attackers. Place an iron entryway or fence door so you can go back and forth however you see fit. Incorporate some water for the child turtles to swim in and develop precisely.

Step #7

Wait For The Eggs To Hatch 

step #7 wait for the eggs to hatch

This happens quicker around evening time and goes through three phases as the eggshells progressively air out. It typically requires a few in-game days. You should be inside around 50 squares or the incubating will stop.

Step #8

Hoist Turtle Growth While Feeding Them With Seagrass

After transforming into a grown-up, it will drop a scute that can be used to make a turtle shell cap or to mix the mixture of the Turtle Master. You can similarly offer them to some pastor locals. With time you will see your turtle growing.

How To Use Seagrass In Minecraft

Then, with the Seagrass chosen in your hot bar, you should better feed your turtle with Seagrass for quick growth. The game control to utilize/feed the Seagrass to the turtles relies upon the rendition of Minecraft. We have developed a table that will further guide you on Seagrass feeding mechanisms.

Java Edition Right-click on the turtles
Pocket Edition Tap on the turtles
Xbox 360/ Xbox One Press the LT button on the Xbox controller
PS3/PS4 Press the L2 button on the PS controller.
Wii U press the ZL button on the gamepad
Nintendo Switch Press the ZL button on the controller
Windows 10 Edition Right-click on the turtles
Education Edition Right-click on the turtles

Uphold Defensive Measures To Prevent Sea Turtles From Other Creatures

Ocean Turtles are aloof Minecraft animals. That implies that they won’t retaliate when assaulted. This is imperative to remember because the turtles are sporadically assaulted by other creatures in Minecraft, from Zombies to Ravagers. In case you’re anticipating making a Sea Turtle ranch, plan to set up some defensive measures. As sea turtles move faster on the sea, however, this will help you guard them subtly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I breed turtles in Minecraft?

Although it is quite possible to breed turtles in Minecraft, you need to be careful to uphold the entire breeding process. From having a farm to picking turtles in pairs you can do it on your own.

How do you feed turtles in Minecraft?

No, Sea Turtles in Minecraft possibly breed when having Seagrass. They won’t search for and eat Seagrass all alone, hence for this, turtles should be fed with Seagrass.

Do turtles breed in Minecraft naturally?

Turtles in Minecraft need Seagrass for breeding, but they don’t eat Seagrass on their own. Hence for this, you need to breed them while giving them Seagrass as food.

How to obtain iron nuggets in Minecraft?

You can obtain iron nuggets from the crafting table, smelting, or by plundering the chest in bastions. 

Wrap Up

After having a detailed guide on how to breed turtles on Minecraft now you must have a profound understanding to uphold the entire breeding process without making a mistake. From breeding to taking care of a tiny turtle, it demands your intense care and sufficient knowledge. We hope that our complete guide is more than enough to breed turtles without any professionals. If you have any queries or want us to cover something that is still missing then shoot us the comment box given below.

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