Is UPS Necessary For Gaming PC – Ultimate Guide

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The one word answer to your question “is UPS necessary for gaming PC” is “yes”. If you are a gaming geek, you probably already know how frustrating sudden power outages can be. Especially if you’ve made some progress in your game and the power goes out all of a sudden, all your efforts will be in vain. This is where an uninterruptible power supply can come in handy for you. It can help you save all that progress you’ve made with your game, it can prevent any PC damage due to power surges and on top of everything else, it’s like having a battery backup at all times, so why not?

Today we’ll be talking about how important it is to have a UPS for your gaming PC. Not just this but we’ll also be covering some of the best UPS that you must consider buying if you really want a solid battery backup when gaming.

Benefits Of A UPS For Your Gaming PC

Before getting into the whole list of the best ups, let’s first talk a bit about the benefits of having one in the first place. The long story short here is that if you want a smooth and seamless gaming experience then a UPS is a must-have for you no matter what the situation is.

Other than this, here are some important UPS benefits for your PC that you should know about;

1-Battery Backup

Battery Backup

We all love the idea of having a battery backup when the power runs out, right? Especially for your gaming PC, you would absolutely want a battery backup so that you at least have the time to save all your progress or even play the game for a little more while when you are giving your best performance. This is where and why you should have a UPS at your end.

Usually a computer UPS can give you 45 minutes to an hour of extra time to continue with your games. However, it’s not always as it’s mentioned because the time depends on the power your system is taking. Also, if you want you can check your GPU usage here to make sure that everything is working fine. Buying the right computer UPS is of utmost importance here because you’d want your battery backup to last at least more than 10 minutes right? Either buy a quality computer UPS or simply connect your PC with the inverter UPS you probably already have in your house. An inverter UPS can give you some more time to continue with your game while the power is out.

2-Protect Your PC Against Voltage Spikes

Running your PC on a UPS can work wonders for you especially in terms of protection. You see, what most people don’t know is that voltage spikes also known as surges can cause considerable damage to your PC components. The worst part about surges is that sometimes, you don’t even know if there’s some voltage spike issue. However, with a UPS connected, you at least won’t have to worry about any damage.

Although sudden voltage spikes don’t usually damage your system all of a sudden, it’s a huge risk too, at the same time. Your PC components are quite expensive and you probably shouldn’t take any risks here so having a UPS for gaming PC is the wiser thing to do. It can help you avoid such risks that might end up costing you a fortune.

3-Get Time To Save Your Project

Time To Save Your Project

Just like what we mentioned earlier, for a professional gamer, the progress in a game is quite critical. Some games like Grand Theft Auto take you hours and sometimes days to complete the missions. Now imagine spending 4 constant hours trying to reach a level in the game you are playing and all of a sudden the power goes out? Yes, there is an option of “auto-saving” in almost all games but that won’t work for you if the power outage happens suddenly and your system shuts down right away.

Having a UPS for gaming PC can save you from the heartbreak of unsaved progress. You get extra time and even if the power goes out, the UPS will still provide you electricity so that you have some time to save the project/progress and then shut down the PC properly until the power comes back.

These are some important benefits that do answer your question “Is UPS necessary for gaming PC?” clearly. So if they do make sense to you then stick a little longer with us to find out about some of the best ups for PC in the market.

Surge Protectors Vs Ups -What Do You Really Need?

Surge Protectors Vs Ups

A lot of you who are familiar with surge protectors might be wondering if you need the best ups for gaming or the best surge protector? Well, honestly there’s nothing much to be confused about because the answer depends on your needs and requirements.

Surge Protector To Prevent PC Damage

Voltage spikes can damage your PC components in ways that you can never even imagine. The purpose of a surge protector is basically to prevent any damage to any electronics in your house from voltage spikes. Whenever there’s a voltage spike, the surge protector will instantly block the electricity to your PC and save it from getting damaged. Having one for your gaming PC is a great idea but what you must know is that it can only “prevent PC damage” and do nothing else.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Serves As A Battery Backup

The best UPS for PC on the other hand can serve you as a battery backup. In other words, it can buy you some time to save the progress of your game and other data on your PC that you’ve been working on. It’s not just gaming, in fact, a computer UPS can literally save any of your work progress whether you were editing an important video or playing some heavy game that took you hours to make progress with. Power outages are quite common and you can’t tell when the power is about to go out so in such a situation, you’d need a UPS to save you from the trouble of unsaved progress. As far as preventing PC damage from voltage spikes is concerned, well, a UPS can help you with that too! Running your PC on UPS can prevent any voltage spike damage and hence you can have a smooth and seamless gaming experience without any electrical interruption.

Now that you know the difference between the use of ups or surge protector for gaming pc , it’ll be easier for you to decide what you want. As far as our suggestion is concerned, well, we’ll definitely go for a UPS because this one comes with multiple benefits that can help you make the most out of your games without worrying about power outages.

The Best UPS For Gaming PC

The gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace and the gaming community is growing by leaps and bounds too. During such times, the need for the best ups for gaming PC is increasing and so is the demand. Because of this, if you search for the “best ups for gaming PC” online, you’ll end up with several different brands and literally hundreds of computer UPS models. As much as it’s great to have so many options to choose from, it’s a little overwhelming too.

To save you from the hassle of finding the right ups for gaming PC, today we are going to list down some of the best ones for you. So if you want the best value for your money, stick with us and learn about the best ups that can work wonders for you for a seamless gaming performance.

1-CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD

If you are looking for the best UPS for gaming PC then you need to try the CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD right away. This one’s quite popular among all the professional gamers out there who do understand the importance of having a solid battery backup at their end. One of the main reasons why we are jotting down this UPS here is that it comes with extraordinary power to handle even the toughest and heaviest machines. In a nutshell, even if you are using two GPUs on your system, this UPS will still work wonders for you.

Another appealing feature offered by this ups for gaming PC is true sine-wave output. Considering the price of this UPS, you probably can’t find another one with such a great feature. But guess what? This one isn’t just affordable in price but in fact, it also comes with an extraordinary feature that can help you get the best bang for your buck!


  • It’s a true sine wave UPS
  • Can handle almost all machines
  • Comes with an LCD monitoring screen


  • A bit heavy

2-Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT

We totally understand your budget concern because all of the other gaming PC components are always a bit pricey so you’d definitely want to save something when buying the best ups. Well, with the Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT, you won’t have to worry about anything because it’s the most budget friendly UPS for your gaming PC and the best part is that you don’t even have to compromise on the quality when buying this one. It comes with a huge LCD screen where you can monitor everything from the input/output to the UPS load and even the battery power. Moreover, it comes with Data line protection to prevent any damage to your phone lines and modems.

Due to the automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology, this UPS can convert low and high voltages without using any battery power. For a typical gaming PC, this UPS can provide extra 90 minutes of power in case of a sudden power cut. Furthermore, it comes with 10 outlets and even an audible sound indicator that makes it quite desirable among all the expert gamers out there.


  • It’s extremely budget friendly
  • Comes with 10 outlets
  • Clean and compact in design


  • Messy wire connections due to front outlets

3-APC BE600M1-600VA UPS System

APC BE600M1-600VA UPS System

The APC BE600M1 is the smallest UPS that you’ll ever find in the market but don’t let the size fool you because this battery backup comes packed with all the features and functionalities you’d need for optimal gaming PC performance. It’s a 330-watt backup battery that won’t just protect your PC from any voltage spike damage but it’ll also provide you the time you need to save your project progress in time during power outages. The 600VA / 330W with which it comes is more than enough to keep your modems and speakers etc working. In other words, not only will it keep your PC and its components running, in fact, it’ll even keep the internet running so that you can continue with your game.

What’s best is its size because it’s compact enough for you to keep it on your gaming table and it comes with this decent and elegant design that’ll look good with any of your machines. It relies on a sine wave machine and it also comes with a power outlet that’ll help you charge your devices when there’s no electricity.


  • Comes with seven outlets
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with a surge protection feature


  • Makes beeping noise


Is UPS necessary for gaming PC? Well, we are sure that we’ve given you a clear cut answer to this question of yours and now you know what’s the right thing to do. For optimal gaming PC performance, you need the right amount of storage for your PC and you need to have a battery backup at all times. Especially if you are the kind of person who spends most of his day with his gaming console then there’s no other option for you than to have a good and reliable ups for gaming PC.

So choose from the list of some of the best ups for PC that we’ve mentioned above and see what difference it makes for you in the long run!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I Need A UPS For My PC?

Yes, you do need a UPS for gaming PC so that when there’s a power outage or when there’s a voltage spike, you know that your progress in the game and the components of your PC are absolutely safe.

Q2. What Is The Best UPS Brand?

There are multiple best ups for gaming PC out there but when it comes to choosing the ones that can bring you the right value for your money, we’d suggest you try Cyberpower, APC or Tripp Lite.

Q3. How Many UPS Do I Need For My PC?

It all depends on the power your PC consumes and the number of additional devices that are connected to it. The higher the power, the more the number of UPS you’d need but usually one solid UPS for gaming PC will work just fine for you.

Q4. UPS Or Surge Protector For Gaming PC-What’s Best?

A UPS serves as a battery backup and it can also prevent any PC damage due to voltage spikes. On the other hand, a surge protector just prevents any damage to your PC components when there’s a spike in the voltage. So the wiser option here is to go for a UPS as that’s what you need for a smooth gaming performance even during electricity issues.

Q5. Which is better – APC or Cyberpower?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements and why you need a UPS for gaming in the first place. However, Cyberpower is more popular and delivers the best quality and performance so that’s what you should go for.

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