[Problem Solving Guide] Fortnite FPS Drop

fortnite fps drop

If you are one of those gamers who do not know how to fix the Fortnite fps drops then you have landed on the right piece of information. Wondering what else you can gain from this piece of information for your Fornite fps drop? Let’s have a quick sneak-peek into it. You will learn: how to increase fps in Fortnite, how to get better at it, what could be the random reasons for the drop, and a few tips & tricks for maintenance.

But first, dive into the main solution and that is How To Fix Fornite FPS Drop“?

[06 Solutions]: Fortnite FPS Drop

Recently, many Fortnite players have reported an issue of the FPS drop, however, Fortnite is one of the popular games among gamers so this issue could not be overlooked. Therefore, the experts have come up with such astounding ideas by which you can solve the issue easily.

Figure Out If Your PC Has Required Configuration For Fortnite

One of the main reasons for the Fortnite random frame drops is that the PC does not possess the required configuration for the high-tech game. Certainly, the PC with the least or low hardware rubrics will never be ideal to run Fortnite. Therefore, the minimum  requirement to smoothly run Fornite are:

  1. Operating System (OS) should be: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OS X Sierra
  2. The processor must be i3 2.4 GHz
  3. Memory should be 4 GB RAM
  4. Graphics Card must be Intel HD 4000

The aforementioned 4 parameters are the basic yet mandatory ones to run Fornite on your PC smoothly. Make sure you must omit any of these!

Install the Latest Fortnite Patch

Sometimes it happens that your current Fornite patch may undergo a few bugs that may cause the Fortnite fps drops so to avoid that it is recommended to launch the latest patch. By installing the latest patch of Fornite the system gets revamped and the bugs that cause FPS drop will get undone.

It is one of the best solutions because the developers of the Epic games launch the Fortnite patches on a regular basis just to avoid bugs. So, in 4 simple steps increase your FPS.

  • Step 01: Visit Epic Game launcher
  • Step 02: Go to the library, in the lower right corner of Fortnite click the gear button
  • Step 03: Turn “auto-update” on
  • Step 04: Reboot your Epic Game launcher

The available latest patch will be detected and will get installed, resulting in an increase in your FPS

Do Not Miss Updating Your Graphics Drivers

The gamers can certainly understand the worth of the graphics drivers. So, if you are a passionate gamer and you are not updating your graphic drivers then this is alarming for you. Big names like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel regularly release new graphic drivers in order to fix the bugs. Also, to improve the performance, speed, and experience of gaming.

The corrupt, outdated, and low-maintained graphic drivers are one of the biggest reasons that cause Fortnite fps drop. So, to attain maximum enjoyment make sure to update them.

Question: How Can You Update The Graphics Drivers?

Well, now you know that you need to update your graphic drivers but how to do that? Here are the two possible ways through which it can be done;

Manual Update:

The easiest way to update is a manual update. Go to your manufacturer’s website for your graphic cards and check out which of the available drivers is the latest one. And get it done manually!

Note: make sure you choose the driver that must be compatible with your windows version

Automatic Update:

It is clear by its name — the automatic update! There are numerous software that can help you update your graphic drivers easily if you are smart enough to handle the high-tech issue or you are running out of time.

Change Gaming Settings To “Lower In-Game Setting”

Yet another handy solution to the Fortnite fps drop is changing the setting to the lower in-game setting. This could be the solution if your PC is not as high-configure as it has to be. So, for the smooth running of the game, you must lower the setting of it. In the easiest 3 steps, change the setting;

  • Step 01: To open the game settings to the “gear button” by clicking on the menu button in Fortnite
  • Step 02: Modify the settings such as; setting of the game and following and screenshot of maximum performance. Later click “apply” to save the settings
  • Step 03: Launch your Fortnite and check for Fortnite fps drop

Set Fortnite To High Priority

To avoid the Fortnite fps drop set your Fortnite to the high priority from the task manager. It can be done with ease, learn how can you do it:

  • Step 01: Run Fortnite
  • Step 02: Press ctrl + shift + ESC. to open “task manager” you will be prompted for “permission”. Then click “yes” to open task Manager
  • Step 03: Navigate to the “Detail tab”
  • Step 04: Right-click the process related to Fortnite (FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe, FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping_EAC.exe, and FortniteLauncher.exe) and select “High”
  • Step 05: Launched Fortnite

Change Power Plan

There are several plans for the windows to run multiple games including Fortnite, however, it is recommended that the “balanced plan” must be used. Moreover, with this plan, the operating capacity of your graphics card and CPU will be restricted but the Fortnite random frame drops can be fixed easily. Learn how to do it:

  • Step 01: Press the Windows key and R together, type “powercfg. cpl”, and enter
  • Step 02: In the dialogue box, expand “hide additional plans” and select “high performance”
  • Step 03: Go to “advanced system settings” and click from the performance section
  • Step 04: Select “Adjust for best performance” and press “OK”
  • Run Fortnite to see if the FPS drop issue persists.

“So now you have gained how to fix the issue of Fortnite random frame drops and learned how to get better fps in Fortnite, this is the time to see how you can increase the fps in Fortnite?”

[03 Ways] How To Increase FPS In Fortnite?

The following are the simple ways to increase your FPS in Fortnite and by opting for all or any of these you will certainly not experience the Fortnite fps drop. Have a deeper look!

Turn Record Replays Off

If you are wondering how to increase fps in Fortnite, this way is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to increase your FPS. On a lighter note, recording the replays can certainly reduce the performance and can take up a lot of your hard drive space. Particularly for the games that require a lot of building, you must turn it off for a smoother experience. So, how to turn it off?

  • Step 01: To reach your Fortnite settings go to the “cog icon”
  • Step 02: For the game settings, go to the cog icon again
  • Step 03: Scroll to the bottom and stop at “replays action”
  • Step 04: Turn it off

Reduce Your Resolution To Increase FPS

Yet another glorified way to answer your curiosity for “how to increase fps in Fortnite” is here! — just reduce your resolution

During the fixing of your Fortnite fps drop issue, you have learned how to optimize the video settings then you certainly have experienced a significant improvement in your FPS, right?

Yet if you are not reaching the desired frame of yours then simply lower the resolution and enjoy the smooth Fortnite! The resolutions you could opt for are: 1656×1080, 1440×1080, 1280×960, 1024×768, or 800×600

Create A Restore Point

Certainly, it is ideal to create the restore point because if you change any setting you will always have a margin to revert to the root! In order to have an improved FPS, you must know how to create a restore point.

  • Step 01: Go to the “control panel”
  • Step 02: Click “system”
  • Step 03: Click “Advanced system settings” from the left-hand side menu bar
  • Step 04: Go to the “system protection” tab
  • Step 05: Where your windows are installed select that drive
  • Step 06: Click configure

Once you are here you will see the “restore settings”. You want to turn on system protection, set your disk space usage to 5%, and then click OK.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the FAQs related to Fortnite fps drop for your ease of reference:

Can low RAM cause FPS to drop?

The clear and one-word answer to this question is “NO”. The RAM does not cause your FPS drop because RAM’s purpose is to store data that is readily available it has nothing to do with fps drop,

Does high memory usage cause FPS drop?

Yes, it does. Because the system data and game uses 8GB of RAM.

Are FPS drops normal?

Yes, it is normal. But frequent drops can cause serious problems to your system.

What happens if FPS is low?

Low frames per second (FPS) appear only when your entire game starts behaving slowly. It can lag your game and create a bad experience.

Can 60hz run 200 FPS?

Certainly, not. On the contrary, FPS above your monitor’s refresh rate is NOT wasted.

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To Summarize

The bugs and issues are common and there is nothing to frown at rather if you are not aware of the solutions or ways to fix the issues this certainly is a matter to frown at.

However, the aforementioned solutions/ways are problem-solving are the easiest ways to omit Fortnite fps drop issues.

Opt for the solutions and enjoy gaming!

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