What To Do When Installing A New GPU

Installing A New GPU

Look no further for a technician to install a brand new graphics card in your slagging gaming PC! All you have to do is follow these easy to process steps and get it done within minutes. Let’s see how?

Advanced gaming requires rich visuals, and here comes the need for graphic cards. It enables your computer to process complicated software to fetch you high-quality visuals and top-notch speed as they are meant to be seen. However, installing these graphic cards into your PC is not that complicated a process. With the right gear and true guidance, you can do the rest on your own. 

We have formulated a step by step guide on how to install a graphic card; follow these steps to bring visual glory to your gaming arena.  

Things To Consider Before Choosing A New Graphic Card


When choosing a graphic card, you have to consider your requirements first. This is because there is an overabundance of choices to suit each spending plan and need. As with every PC component, the first question to ask yourself when choosing a graphic card is: how will you be using it? To help you with this, we have discussed a few points that one should consider before pouring bucks.

Graphic Card For Gamers

If you build a PC to play games, then the GPU will be your most important purchase. Other components can affect performance, like the CPU and RAM, but gating a GPU that’s too weak for your chosen game is guaranteed to result in disappointment. 


There are different kinds of games, and not all of them demand the most powerful GPU on the market. That’s why we would suggest you read the game’s required recommended and optimal specifications to make sure that you get a suitable GPU.

Graphic Card For Non Pc Gamers!

Graphic Card For Non Pc Gamers!

If you are not a PC gamer, there are still many reasons you might need a powerful graphic card. Some examples include video editing, computer-aided designs and manufacturing applications like AutoCAD, which can use the GPU for significantly better performance. There’s a class of GPUs aimed explicitly at these professional users.  

Reliable Manufacturer

Nvidia vs AMD

When shopping for a GPU, you will be choosing between two manufacturers, Nvidia & AMD. These two manufacturers have battled for leadership in the GPU market. Nvidia was firmly in the lead until the last few years. Nvidia still holds a strong position in the market, but AMD’s latest graphics cards have made the landscape more competitive. If you want to play games that support RTX features, that’s a strong argument for picking up the Nvidia 20 series. 

Things To Do When Installing A New Graphic Card

Make sure that you have all the required accessories to uphold the task precisely. It would help if you had a graphic card, Philips head screwdriver & anti-static wrist strap to acquire error-free measures. So, let’s get into it! 


  • Turn Off Your PC: Turn off your PC if it is plugged into an electric outlet. 
  • Measure Your Power Supply Wattage: GPUs are power-hungry devices, which means that you should have double the power wattage than what a graphic card consumes. For instance, if the GPU runs at 250 watts, make sure to have 400 watts for smooth handling. If the power supply cannot handle the new GPU requirements, it could harm your computer with a short circuit.  
  • Uninstall Outdated GPU Driver: If you have any GPU drivers, uninstall them. However, the process varies depending on the brand of GPU. A leading brand like Nvidia and AMD have their software for handling.  
  • Have An Old Graphic Card? Remove It! If you have a graphic card hooked into your CPU’s motherboard, then remove it first. With a screwdriver, you can unscrew the old one from its retention bracket. 

Installing New Graphic Card – Step By Step Process

You have done all the necessary things, and now it’s time to install your new graphic card!

STEP 1: First of all, you have to remove a few screws securing the top & bottom of your PC’s side panel. The screws are usually located at the backside of the frame. 

STEP 2: Search for the PCI-e slot located at your PC’s motherboard. Be careful while looking for PCI-e, as it’s the only slot where you can fix your graphic card. Now set your GPU on the PCI-e space and ensure that the security connectors are stable in the right place. 

STEP 3:  Once you have fixed your graphic cards into the right slot now you can screw the brackets; this will secure the card from slipping from different ports. 

STEP 4: Channel the essential PCI-E power connectors from the PSU to the 6- and 8-pin connections with the card, then, at that point, plug them in. Join any cord that your graphic card requires before screwing the side panel back to your CPU. 

STEP 5: Spot the board back on the PC, and connect the output cord or power cable directly to the power supply.

STEP 6:  Here, you will connect your graphic with the monitor using the open ports at the backside of your CPU case. As per the monitor and GPU’s requirements, you will have to choose either HDMI, DVI or VGA for connection. 

STEP 7: To update driver Nvidia & AMD, visit the GPU’s manufacturer’s site and download the most recent drivers. Nvidia and AMD have an integrated Browser tool to recognize your card and pinpoint the best driver available. Install your driver first before playing anything else, as it could result in a computer crash. 

STEP 8: Once you have installed your new GPU inside the CPU and driver from the manufacturer site, restart your PC and play your favourite game without further delay!


When installing a new GPU card, you should always go thoroughly through the user manual. It always guides you about precautions and keeps you updated on the parameters you should consider when installing them up. We hope that this guide will ensure you hassle-free installation of your new graphic card. 

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